domenica 11 maggio 2014

UFO Sightings nuclear physicist Blows Cover On UFOs! New Update! May 3 2014

Dr. J spoke to Stanton Friedman in this exclusive interview for Thirdphaseofmoon. The Godfather of ufology discussed why we aren't alone & why we can't be alone. And although people have been saying disclosure is right around the corner, in this day in age, it probably is. It is people like you, the viewer, coming forward to tell your UFO story or share your UFO video to the world that is creating awareness. Keep your eyes in the sky & your minds open. Check out Stanton Friedman's site at Also listen to Dr. J's show with all the top guests Thursdays 8-10 pm ET on studio A; call in to ask the guest a question or speak to the host at 818-923-1713. And don't forget Friday nights, speak to Blake Cousins & tell your story live 12am ET And if you have captured anything amazing, contact us via Skype or Facebook at thirdphaseofmoon & of course visit

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