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They Are Already Here' author explains the spread of UFO belief: Q&A


Do you remember reading a New York Times story in 2017 that claimed to unveil a Pentagon program dedicated to investigating UFOs? Did you hear rumors about why the FBI closed a solar observatory the next year for then-undisclosed reasons? Are you confused about why there seem to be so many documentaries about alien sightings?
"They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers" (Pegasus Books, 2020), by freelance journalist Sarah Scoles, tackles these questions and many more. (Read an excerpt from "They Are Already Here.")
After reading that New York Times story, Scoles was suspicious and wanted to figure out what was really going on with the Pentagon program. She didn't solve that mystery, but she did end up writing a book about contemporary UFO culture. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.
Meghan Bartels

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NASA - 1.8 billion pixels! Amazing new Mars panorama from Curiosity

Source video: NASA

The highest resolution panorama of Mars to date from the Curiosity rover has been released. -- Curiosity Rover: Facts and Information: (
 Panorama in 360 video: 
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Houston, We Have a Podcast Live: #BeAnAstronaut

Source: NASA

Still have questions on what it takes to #BeAnAstronaut? 🧐 Great! So do we. Astronaut Kayla Barron and astronaut selection manager Anne Roemer answer your questions during a live recording of “Houston, We Have a Podcast.” Have a question? Comment below!
March 6, 2020
Live at 19.30 Italian time

UFO Emits Weird White Material Onto Small French Town | Close Encounters

Source video: Quest TV

Hear the accounts of a strange ufo sighting from residents of a small French town.

Man Knocked Unconscious By Huge UFO | Close Encounters

Source: Quest TV

Robert Taylor is knocked unconscious when he comes in contact with a strange metallic object while walking through the woods.

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

Source video: thirdphaseofmoon

7 Momentos de MIEDO cuando captan ATERRADORAS CRIATURAS

Fuente de video: UFOvnis

Canal Secundario : 

10 Real Alien Ships Caught On Tape Real Footage Videos 2017

Source video: Alien Planet

UFO in Tulare County?

Source video: jusdafide

Saw this round object floating over a neighborhood on our nightly walk.

"UFO landed in AFGHANISTAN" Real UFO Videos Caught On Tape

Source video: Alien Planet

OMG!! Aliens Getting Closer!! Most Popular UFO Alien Footage Caught On Tape 2017

Source video: Alien Planet

UFO Sightings From China, Best UFO Videos Caught On Camera

Source video: Alien Planet

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New "Potentially Dangerous" Asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2) To Cross Earth's Orbit

Source video: UFOvni2012

The UFO Phenomenon Seems To "Preselect" Its Observers, According To Researcher (video)

Source video: UFOvni2012

They Tried To Warn US About This?

Source video: thirdphaseofmoon

In this Episode von Däniken takes us beyond the myths and legends which have shaped our view of history, to present an alternate view of historical events, megalithic structures and archeological discoveries. Stream the complete series now ThirdphaseofMoon subscribers can join Gaia with e FREE trial by following the link. Throughout each episode, he personally guides us through his findings which have reshaped our view of the world and the history upon which we have built the monuments of our modern society. Join Gaia in this historic series, as von Däniken explores the extensive canon of his highly influential works.

Tic Tac-shaped UFO filmed in Mexico city

Source video: UFOmania - The truth is out there

Tic Tac-shaped UFO caught on video in Mexico city. The UFO, filmed by two Brazilian citizens visiting Mexico City, at one point accelerated through the sky at high speed. 
Video by Leonardo Giusti:

MBC News shows an unknown object hovering in the sky whilst covering an event in Los Angeles

Source video: UFOmania - The truth is out there

South Korean news station MBC News on February 29, 2020 shows an unknown object hovering close in the sky. Is this unidentified object possibly a drone covering the news story or something else? Source:

Mysterious Spacecraft Joining Up With Newly Discovered “Mini Moon” In Orbit Around Earth

Source video: UFOmania - The truth is out there

A mysterious spacecraft filmed by International Space Station scientists—that upon leaving the region of this space station, shot itself into outer space where its trajectory joined it with an equally mysterious “Mini Moon” discovered on 15 February to be in orbit around our Earth. Source: Read here: Please support our channel: ufomania-merch: Follow us on instagram: Follow us on facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

UFO SEEKERS - What's Are THEY HIDING Inside White Sands Missile Range?

Source video: Seekers UFO

Underground entrances, the Space Surveillance Telescope, the Aerial Cable Range, NASA, Holloman Air Force Base, the Trinity Site, Spaceport America, and more all reside within the perimeter of White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. In this video Tim takes you on a Google Earth tour of the facility to show you interesting locations throughout the sprawling range. UFO & Alien Investigators. Our mission is to document evidence of the UFO phenomenon or alien visitation through work in the field. We're headquartered in Bakersfield, CA. 
Visit our website to learn more about us. 

Strange Objects Caught On Camera, Best UFO Sightings 2018

Source video: Alien Planet

Voyager 2 Contacts Earth From Interstellar Space

Source video: Cosmoknowledge

NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft beamed back unprecedented data from interstellar space. Scientists detect a jump in plasma density. Source:

The famous American researcher Linda Moulton Howe has translated some of the binary codes thanks to the support of a US Army sergeant, who in turn had received a message downloaded by an alien intelligence which included a cryptic warning about Orion’s star systems and Zeta Reticuli. The symbols and binary codes have also been recovered from UFO Crash. It has been independently confirmed by both Linda Moulton Howe and another researcher (Dr. Horace Drew) that the symbols translated by Sergeant CJ, are in fact a message written in binary code that can be translated via a standard ASCII table. The CJ message reads as follows:

Continuous protection of humanity 49.27n
11.5e. Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL Citizens
Imperative advancement for planetary survival
Attention from Orion 1,350.3 and Zeta Reticuli 39.170
Avoid sending (signals) or messages

Linda Moulton Howe is an American investigative journalist and documentary film maker, known for her work as an ufologist and a supporter of a variety of conspiracy theories. The Voyager 2 probe also sent an Alien signal with the word “Leave Earth”, or “Leave the Earth” !!
The Aliens have captured the NASA space probe “Voyager 2” and through it have sent encoded messages on Earth. The Voyager 2 was one of the first automatic space probes made for the exploration of the external Solar System, and is still in operation. It was launched on 20 August 1977 by NASA from Cape Canaveral, aboard a Titan-Centaur rocket, shortly before its sister probe, Voyager 1, in an orbit that would have taken it over time to visit the major planets of the System Solar. But during his journey in the solar system, the probe was tampered with and suddenly changed the coding of messages sent to earth. The anomaly began on 22 April 2010 and, as a disconcerting aspect, only scientific data did not turn back as a routine signal. So here are the disturbing hypotheses that relate this to extraterrestrial sabotage. NASA expert Kevin Baines, who manages the mission, said: “It almost seems like someone has hijacked and reprogrammed the probe, so maybe we won’t know the whole truth yet, but someone has done a reprogramming of the encrypted signal sending codes “. Kevin Baines then reported that the probe is located at a distance of about 15 billion kilometers from Earth and suddenly started sending data in a language that none of the experts could understand. This can only happen in one case: someone has changed the communication system of the probe. From an analysis carried out by the reception of encrypted Voyager 2 signals, it was noted with amazement that the binary code of the probe’s communication system was changed from 0 to 1. At NASA they then observed that the rest of the on-board system of the probe, it has not been subjected to any modification (reset, reprogramming and reboot) and therefore the work continues as usual, but the only thing that has changed is only the communication system that sent a message on the Earth like “LEAVE EARTH “, Or” Leave the Earth “.

Astrovirology: Detecting Alien Viruses

Source video: Jhon Michael Godier

An exploration into the concept of astrovirology. Also do check out my new channel Event Horizon! 
Music: Cylinder Eight by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

The Coronavirus Outbreak | Random42 Scientific Communication

The recent COVID19 outbreak has been designated a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation. During such times, it is crucial to dispel myths and assert the basic facts on the novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2. As the epidemic develops, the mechanisms of how the virus spreads and infects are becoming clearer to scientists. These details, as well as the symptoms and preventative measures, are explored in the latest video by Random42. Please note that facts may change over time as the outbreak is ongoing. 
Updates can be found at: 
 For more from Random42 visit: or view our showreel: 
If you would like to use this video or any of the scientific imagery shown, for media and/or other purposes, please contact us at

Take a 'Project Blue Book' road trip and go UFO-hunting at these 10 sites

Why bother with a normal vacation, when you can have a paranormal one? A surprising number of locations have reported links to extraterrestrials, flying saucers and aliens, says David O’Leary, creator and executive producer of "Project Blue Book."

The History television drama (Tuesday, 10 EST/PST) stars Aidan Gillen ("Game of Thrones") as Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a college professor recruited by the U.S. Air Force and teamed with a young officer (Michael Malarkey) to research cases of alleged UFO sightings against the backdrop of 1950s Cold War paranoia.  The show takes its name from Hynek's real-life studies.
O'Leary says UFO-hunting is an "historical mystery that persists. There are areas when people consistently see strange lights in the sky, and unexplained phenomenon.”
In case "Project Blue Book" has inspired you to do some UFO-spotting of your own, O'Leary shares some favorites with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

Roswell, New Mexico

Today, Roswell celebrates its OG UFO status with an annual UFO festival and the International UFO Museum & Research Center.
New Mexico TRUE


Ever since a mysterious object suspected to be an alien spacecraft crashed here in 1947, this small town has been the center of UFO conspiracy theories. “It’s the grand-daddy case of the modern era of flying saucers,” O’Leary says. Today, the town embraces its status with an annual UFO festival and the International UFO Museum & Research Center.
More information:

Area 51

Rachel, Nevada

Rachel, Nevada, which has a population 54, is home to the Little A’Le’Inn, a UFO-themed restaurant and bar. It's located on Nevada State Route 375, also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway,
Sydney Martinez/Travel Nevada

The tiny desert settlement of Rachel is the closest most humans can get to Area 51, the shadowy U.S. Air Force Base tied to countless UFO sightings. “For decades people have been seeing strange crafts in the sky,” O’Leary says. “The area is cloaked in secrecy.” The town, population 54, is home to the Little A’Le’Inn, a UFO-themed restaurant and bar, and located just off Nevada State Route 375, also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway.
More information:

Skinwalker Ranch

Uintah Valley, Utah

Utah's Uintah Valley is a hotbed of events and UFO activity and the focus of the March 3 episode of "Project Blue Book." It dates back to Native American claims,” O’Leary says.
Sandra Salvas

Long the focus of paranormal folklore, this Utah ranch is is the focal point of Tuesday's episode, "Curse of the Skinwalker." But before you add it to your itinerary, note that it's on private property and not open to tours. Still, there have been many sightings of unexplained creatures and other oddities throughout the surrounding Uintah Valley region. “It’s a hotbed of events and UFO activity. It dates back to Native American claims,” O’Leary says.
More information:

McMinnville, Oregon

McMinnville, Oregon, the site of one of the most famous UFO photos in history, celebrates the 1950 incident with an annual UFO festival every May.
Kathleen Nyberg/ McMenamins


In 1950, Life magazine published some of the most famous images in UFO history, a series of flying saucer images taken by a local farmer. “It is to this day one of the best UFO sightings in terms of photographic evidence,” O’Leary says. “They’re very clear and have never been proven to be a fraud.” The city celebrates the mysterious incident with an annual UFO festival in May.
More information:

Sedona, Arizona


Several locations in Sedona, Arizona, are associated with energy vortexes, including Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon.
Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau


This red-rock-rimmed city north of Phoenix has long attracted visitors, drawn by what has been described as vortexes (the proper plural form of "vortices" is rarely used). “It has always been a place of power, having certain energies,” O’Leary says. The city’s visitors bureau provides maps to the most popular sites, which include Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon.
More information:

Flatwoods Monster

Flatwoods, West Virginia

“There’s a pattern in West Virginia of seeing strange creatures in the woods,” O’Leary says of Flatwood.
Andrew Smith/Braxton CVB

In 1952, a fireball streaked through the sky over West Virginia, and several young residents reported seeing an unidentifiable monster in the small town of Flatwoods. Today the community celebrates the story with a museum, and proudly notes the area has also had sightings of Bigfoot. “There’s a pattern in West Virginia of seeing strange creatures in the woods,” O’Leary says.
More information:

Fargo, North Dakota

The pilot episode of "Project Blue Book" explored the "Gorman Dogfight in which National Guard pilot chased a unidentified aircraft over Fargo, North Dakota, in 1947.
SMSgt. David H. Lipp


In 1948, National Guard pilot George F. Gorman found himself in what he described as an aerial chase with an unidentified craft zooming over Fargo. The encounter, which began over the city’s Hector Airport, lasted about 20 minutes, and has come to be known as the Gorman Dogfight. “It’s a very, very famous case,” says O’Leary, who explored the incident in the first "Project Blue Book" episode.
More information:

Marfa, Texas


Texas has a long history with lights seen in the sky,” O’Leary says, highlighting the Marfa Lights viewing area.
Travel Texas

 The wide-open plains of West Texas have seen many unexplained nighttime phenomenon, most notably the lights regularly seen darting through the skies near the small town of Marfa. The city even has an official Marfa Lights viewing area, designated by an historic marker, and sponsors an annual lights festival. “It’s a great case. Texas has a long history with lights seen in the sky,” O’Leary says.

More information:

San Luis Valley, Colorado

Colorado's San Luis Valley claims to have the highest percentage of UFO sightings per capita.
Judy Messoline/

This area, which is pretty enough to warrant a visit even if you don't believe in aliens, claims to have the highest percentage of UFO sightings per capita. O’Leary says there have been stories of quick-moving lights, bizarre cigar-shaped objects, and flying discs. These days, visitors can stop by a UFO Watchtower built in the town of Hooper and cruise Colorado 17, also known as the Cosmic Highway. 

More information:

Hudson Valley, New York

The headless horseman isn't the spooky legend in New York's Hudson Valley. “Many, many people have seen strange things there,” O’Leary says, noting the many eyewitness accounts of UFO activity in the region north of New York CIty.
Robert D'Angelo

Since 1909, this area north of Manhattan has reported startling eyewitness UFO accounts. In recent years, there have been many near the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (the replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge), crossing the Hudson near Tarrytown and Nyack, New York. “Many, many people have seen strange things there,” O’Leary says.
More information:

Larry Bleiberg 

Source News 



Incontri ravvicinati del terzo tipo: l'alieno "italiano" che saluta Truffaut e il rifiuto di Steve McQueen. I 12 segreti

Il 3 marzo del 1978 arriva la pellicola fantascientifica di Steven Spielberg che racconta il primo contatto tra l'umanità ed entità extraterrestri

Risultato immagini per close encounters of the third kind

Il film

Il 3 marzo del 1978 arriva nei cinema italiani "Incontri ravvicinati del terzo tipo" di Steven Spielberg. Il film fantascientifico racconta il primo contatto tra l'umanità ed entità extraterrestri, preceduto da una serie di strani fenomeni e dal passaggio sugli Stati Uniti di alcune navicelle spaziali. Gli esperti della Nasa, coadiuvati dallo scienziato francese Claude Lacombe (François Truffaut), localizzano sulla Torre del Diavolo in Wyoming il luogo dove avverrà l'incontro con gli alieni e fanno di tutto affinché la popolazione non sappia nulla. Tuttavia alcuni civili tra cui l'elettricista Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss) e la casalinga Jillian Guiler (Melinda Dillon) raggiungeranno il posto del summit attratti da una forza incontrollabile. "Incontri ravvicinati del terzo tipo" è un film epocale che propone una visione degli extraterrestri completamente diversa rispetto alla letteratura fantascientifica del passato (fino ad allora gli alieni erano stati presentati sempre come malvagi invasori, intenti a impadronirsi delle risorse terrestri). Il film invece mostra gli extraterrestri come esseri pacifici, desiderosi di un contatto con gli umani, magari attraverso il linguaggio musicale. L'opera ottiene il favore della critica che esalta il messaggio pacifista e gli incredibili (per l'epoca) effetti speciali. Ancora oggi molti considerano "Incontri ravvicinati del terzo tipo" il miglior film di fantascienza mai realizzato. Al botteghino è uno straordinario successo: costato 20 milioni di dollari, ne incassa 306. Riceve inoltre 9 candidature agli Oscar, vincendone 2 (Miglior fotografia e Premio speciale per gli effetti sonori). A 42 anni dall'arrivo in Italia, ecco 12 cose che forse non sapete. 

La melodia di cinque note

L'iconica melodia di cinque note che attrae gli alieni è un arrangiamento casuale scelto sia dal compositore John Williams sia dal regista Steven Spielberg tra una centinaia di motivi. La musica è stata successivamente utilizzata nei film "Moonraker - Operazione spazio"(1979) e nel cortometraggio "Star Tours" (1987).

L'alieno "italiano" amato da Truffaut

L'alieno che "saluta" lo scienziato francese Claude Lacombe (François Truffaut) nella scena finale è opera dell'italiano Carlo Rambaldi, artista ed effettista di caratura mondiale, vincitore di tre Premi Oscar (due per gli effetti speciali per i film "Alien" e "E.T. l'extra-terrestre", oltre che l'Oscar Special Achievement Award per gli effetti visivi di "King Kong"). François Truffaut rimase così incantato dalla creazione di Rambaldi che andava a "salutarla" ogni mattina sul set.

In coppia con Bud Spencer

Le scene girate dal piccolo Barry (Cary Guffey), il bambino che è rapito dagli alieni erano quasi sempre perfette al primo ciak. Guffey fu ribattezzato da Spielberg "One-Take Cary" (una sola ripresa-Cary) e il regista fece stampare anche una maglietta con lo slogan per esaltare le capacità del bambino. Cary ha recitato successivamente solo in un'altra manciata di film interpretando, tra l'altro, il ragazzo extraterrestre H-7-25, nelle pellicole italiane "Uno sceriffo extraterrestre... poco extra e molto terrestre" e nel suo sequel "Chissà perché... capitano tutte a me", in entrambi i casi accanto a Bud Spencer. Nel 1985 ha poi abbandonato il cinema per diventare consulente finanziario. 

Ispirazione dall'infanzia

Per una delle scene iniziali Spielberg ha preso ispirazione da una esperienza vissuta durante la sua infanzia. Come nel film i suoi genitori infatti svegliarono di notte i figli e fecero salire in auto i bambini per portarli in un'area dove erano radunate tante altre persone per ammirare una spettacolare pioggia di meteoriti.

Risultato immagini per meteorite's rain

Il titolo e il cameo dell'astrofisico

Il titolo deriva da reali progetti di ricerca scientifica: "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", classificazione degli incontri ravvicinati elaborata dall'astrofisico e ricercatore ufologico Josef Allen Hynek nel 1972. Un incontro ravvicinato "del terzo tipo" indica i contatti con le entità extraterrestri. L'astrofisico fece da consulente al film e compare in un cameo nella scena finale (è l'uomo col pizzetto che fuma la pipa).

Risultato immagini per allen hynek
Allen Hynek, il padre dell'ufologia scientifica moderna

Il volo perduto

All'inizio il film si sofferma sul "volo 19" della US Navy, gruppo di cinque aerosiluranti scomparsi il 5 dicembre 1945 durante un'esercitazione della Marina statunitense. Nella pellicola gli aeroplani che compaiono nel deserto messicano sarebbero quelli perduti al largo di Fort Lauderdale, in Florida, nel dicembre del 1945. In realtà non è mai più stata trovata alcuna traccia del "Volo 19".

Risultato immagini per bermuda's triangle
Il triangolo delle Bermuda

L'alluce rotto

L'attrice Melinda Dillon che nel film interpreta la casalinga Jillian Guiler si ruppe l'alluce mentre girava nel maggio 1976 le prime riprese del film. Temendo di essere rimpiazzata non disse nulla e tenne duro anche nelle scene in cui è costretta a correre sulla Torre del Diavolo in Wyoming.

Risultato immagini per Melinda Dillon
La brava  e bella Melinda Dillon

Il trucco di Truffaut per ricordare le battute in inglese

Risultato immagini per François Truffaut
François Truffaut


François Truffaut aveva qualche problema con l'inglese. Per recitare al meglio le battute scrisse le frasi su foglietti di carta che lasciava sparsi su vari oggetti presenti in scena e che non sarebbero stati inquadrati dalle telecamere. Truffaut aveva in passato suggerito lo stesso trucco a un'attrice che aveva diretto nel film premio Oscar "Effetto notte". 

Reazioni spontanee

Risultato immagini per Melinda Dillon


Secondo l'attrice Melinda Dillon nessuno era preparato per la celebre scena in cucina con tutti gli oggetti iniziano a volare via. Non era stata girata nessuna ripresa di prova. A parte regista e operatori, nessuno sapeva quello che sarebbe successo. A detta dell'attrice tutto sembrava spaventoso e le sue reazioni allarmate erano reali e spontanee perché cercava di proteggere se stessa e il piccolo Cary Guffey.


Uno dei film più proiettati di sempre

  Risultato immagini per devils tower wyoming

Il film "Incontri ravvicinati del terzo tipo" è proiettato ogni sera d'estate all'aperto vicino all'ingresso del parco della Torre del Diavolo in Wyoming. Ciò rende la pellicola di Spielberg uno dei film più proiettati di sempre.

Guerre stellari sul giornale

Risultato immagini per star wars launch newspaper


Nella scena in cui Ronnie (Teri Garr) ritaglia un articolo di giornale sugli avvistamenti UFO, s'intravede una recensione sul film "Guerre stellari", uscito pochi mesi prima del lancio di "Incontri ravvicinati del terzo tipo". 

 Le lacrime impossibili di Steve McQueen

Risultato immagini per Richard Dreyfuss
Richard Dreyfuss

Prima di scegliere Richard Dreyfuss per il ruolo da protagonista, il regista Steven Spielberg considerò altri celebri attori di Hollywood come Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman e Jack Nicholson.

Risultato immagini per steve mcqueen
Steve McQueen

 Il rifiuto più singolare arrivò da McQueen. L'attore declinò il ruolo perché in una scena doveva piangere: "Non so piangere sul set" spiegò McQueen.

Francesco Tortora 

lunedì 2 marzo 2020

Apollo 13 Views of the Moon in 4K

Source video: NASA

Why Would They Do This Over LA?

Source video: thirdphaseofmoon

Entering the Uncanny Valley - A second Earth under our feet

Source video: UFOmania - The truth is out there

The Coming Race, written in 1871 by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, was one of the first lost world novels and a prototype science-fiction novel. 

Read here:

UFO or Drone? Unidentified flying object filmed in France

Source video: UFOmania - The truth is out there

UFO or Drone? Unidentified flying object filmed in France 
Source video by Boby SliDe: 
Watch also Video Enhanced & Stabilized by:

UFO IN MOON? Unexplained UFO Sightings

Source video: Alien Planet

Amazing UFO Mothership, Huge UFO Landing Video

Source video: Alien Planet

Third Eye Spies

They call them Third Eye Spies, but there is no doubt that they have abilities like ESP – Remote viewing and other paranormal phenomena that are statistically real.


  They came true because there is more evidence for these things than for many of the conjectures of Orthodox physics. We have mountains of excellent and reproducible statistical data. Everything contributes to the scientificity of the thing, a huge amount of data that we cannot ignore, because ignoring it would not be scientific. This means that microscopic quantum physics is not a complete theory because it cannot explain these phenomena. A CIA document has recently become available to the general public thanks to the FOIA, Freedom of Information Act and includes numerous interesting details about the subjects that have been studied and possess the so-called “superhuman abilities”, such as extrasensory perceptions and Vision could be Remote (Remote Viewing). The CIA explains how studies have been conducted for decades.

The curious document contains this ‘incredible’ information and is called “Chronology of recent interest in the exceptional functions of the human body in the People’s Republic of China”. This study discusses how the Chinese government has conducted research aimed at working with remote visualization and ESP faculty. The document can be read below, but only in a short summary: In 1981, more than 100 centers were formed to study children with exceptional abilities and mental abilities, with the collaboration of over 100 formally trained academics.

In 1982, the Chinese Academy of Sciences sponsored a public hearing in Beijing, in which more than 4,000 university professors participated in connection with cases of parapsychological ability in humans. They called for “fair, but strictly controlled” evidence to lead to a final judgment. In April 1982, a joint trial was organized by the Beijing Teachers College National Party of Science Committee. Supporters from both sides attended. The results have been mostly negative but with the exception of a few, one of them is Zhang Baosheng. But what specifically was Baosheng able to do? According to reports, Baosheng was able to move the objects that were inside and outside some sealed containers. “In 1984, Zhang Baosheng became a full-time military worker and is part of the PSI TEAM research sector.” Baosheng is also able to move small pieces of paper that are inside hermetically sealed test tubes. The researchers observed the process and videotaped the event from numerous angles, concluding that somehow, the pieces of paper that were placed in sealed tubes moved quite clearly, even though the small tubes still remained sealed and they showed no signs of damage. Interestingly, Baosheng was able to do the same with staples and live insects. In addition, we also find another CIA document which clearly states: A wooden cabinet 120 by 180 and with a depth of 60 centimeters, was used as a sealed container, in which sheets of paper and cards were placed, used as “target” objects of the ESP experiment. Then they were placed inside the wardrobe on the upper shelf. Without damaging the furniture or opening the door, the person with “ESP” mental abilities was able to remove the “target” objects and was also able to store them again but elsewhere inside the closet. This shows that even when using, especially a large container, it is possible to completely break the space barriers by crossing them. However, the success rate is much lower and was extremely difficult.

Michio Kaku: Escape to a Parallel Universe | Big Think

Source video: Big Think

Source video: BRIGHT SIDE

Like many physicists, Michio Kaku thinks that our universe will end with a “big freeze”. However, unlike many physicists, he thinks that we can avoid this fate by passing into a parallel universe. ”
One of the most fascinating discoveries of our new century may be imminent if the great Geneva HLC could produce a Nano-Blackholes. According to the best physics experts, such nano-blackholes could not be produced with the energy levels that the LHC can generate, but could only be created if a parallel universe provides extra gravitational input. Versions of the Multi-Universe theory suggest that there is at least one other universe very close to ours, perhaps only a millimeter away from us, but we must breach it. “The multiverse is no longer a model, it is a consequence of our models,” says Aurelien Barrau, particle physicist at CERN. “The idea of ​​multiple universes deserves to be taken seriously,” said Aurelien Barrau. There are a number of concurrent theories based on the idea of ​​parallel universes, but the most basic idea is that if the universe is infinite, then everything that could happen has happened, is happening or will happen. The video that I present below (at the end of the article) is from 2011, so a little older but no less interesting for this. The video was published on the Big Think YouTube channel and resumes the Japanese-American scientist Michio Kaku who declares that the only possibility for a humanity of a distant future to survive is to literally escape in a parallel Universe.
According to the scientist, the energy needed to reach a parallel universe could be obtained through the so-called “Planck energy”. It is believed, in fact, that our Universe will make an unpleasant end: the thesis according to which the Universe will expand more and more until it reaches a point where even the same molecules will be literally unpacked is the one currently dominant (called big freeze, it has practically replaced the previous theory which provided for the recompaction, through the force of gravity itself, of the whole Universe until, again, reaching a single point of infinite density as happened in the moment of the Big Bang). We will arrive at a universe in which even the same black holes will evaporate and in which, since there are practically no events anymore (even the fundamental particles will no longer be able to interact because they are disconnected and spaced apart), even time itself will cease to exist. We speak, of course, of a distant future, probably trillions of years away, but Dr. Kaku thought it well to explain, in a few minutes, how to overcome our dimension in order to reach a parallel Universe, a solution seen by the scientist as the It is the only possible way to be able to pass on the concept of humanity to infinity over time.

Freeman Dyson, quantum physicist who imagined alien megastructures, has died at 96

Dyson imagined a universe in which alien civilizations harness the energy of the stars.

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Freeman Dyson

Legendary physicist and big thinker Freeman Dyson died today at age 96 in New Jersey after a fall earlier this week, according to reports from Maine Public Radio and The New York Times.
Dyson, born in England in 1923, moved to the United States in 1947 and spent most of his life as a professor or professor emeritus at the Princeton University Institute for Advanced Study. Dyson first became widely known for important work in the late 1940s on the interactions between light and matter, then went on to have a remarkably wide-ranging career. He published papers on the future of the universe, worked on ideas for a nuclear-explosion-powered spacecraft that was never built, developed new ideas in mathematics and philosophy, and imagined how humans of the far future — as well as alien civilizations — might live and operate in space.
"Dyson generated revolutionary scientific insights, including calculations bridging the quantum and human worlds. His contributions stem from his work in numerous areas, including nuclear engineering, solid state physics, ferromagnetism, astrophysics, biology and applied mathematics," the Institute for Advanced Study wrote in an obituary for Dyson.
He described his own approach to science as driven by wide-ranging curiosity.
"I've always enjoyed what I was doing quite independently of whether it was important or not," Dyson told The New York Times in 2009, explaining why he never won a Nobel Prize like his colleague Richard Feynman. "I think it's almost true without exception if you want to win a Nobel Prize, you should have a long attention span, get ahold of some deep and important problem, and stay with it for 10 years. That wasn't my style."
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Arguably, Dyson's most famous idea was the "Dyson sphere," a hypothetical structure a civilization might build around a star to enclose it and best harness its energy. The notion has made its way into science fiction and astronomy as well. In recent years, some astronomers have even speculated that a particular star in our galaxy exhibiting odd dimming behavior might have an incomplete Dyson sphere, an "alien megastructure," around it. (That idea, however, has since been largely discredited in favor of another explanation, as Live Science previously reported.)
Dyson was also known for his idiosyncratic views on climate change, notions that he largely publicized toward the end of the first decade of the 21st century. While he did not dispute that human emissions were causing Earth's climate to warm, he expressed frustration with the tone in which the subject was discussed at the time, as The New York Times reported in 2009. Dyson suggested that other problems were more important and expressed doubts about some techniques used by climate scientists to estimate the effects of future warming.
He also argued that planting billions of trees, genetically engineered to capture more carbon than existing trees, would solve the problem. As of 2020, such genetically modified mega-forests do not exist and the world has continued to experience increasingly drastic effects from climate change.
Robert McNees, a physicist at Loyola University in Chicago, memorialized Dyson on Twitter, pointing to Dyson's 1979 paper "Time Without End," published in the journal Reviews of Modern Physics. McNees called it "a real late-night-dorm-room-conversation of a paper."
In that paper, Dyson argued that if the universe continues to spread out forever and cool down, life might not die out as most physicists assume.
"Looking at the past history of life," Dyson wrote, "we see it takes about [1 million] 10^6 years to evolve a new species, [10 million] 10^7 years to evolve a genus, [100 million] 10^8 years to evolve a phylum and less than [10 billion] 10^10 years to evolve all the way from the primaeval slime to Homo sapiens. If life continues in this fashion in the future, it is impossible to set any limit to the variety of physical forms that life may assume. What changes could occur in the next 10^10 years to rival the changes of the past?
"It is conceivable," Dyson continued, "that in another 10^10 years, life could evolve away from flesh and blood and become embodied in an interstellar black cloud or in a sentient computer."
Dyson went on to write that life might require warmth, liquid water and a reliable energy source to persist in a cold universe, but only if consciousness is tied to the body.
"Since I am a philosophical optimist, I assume … life is free to evolve into whatever material embodiment best suits its purposes," he wrote.

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Spazio, scoperta una Super Terra che potrebbe ospitare gli alieni

Gli astronomi hanno scoperto che un esopianeta grande più del doppio della Terra potrebbe essere abitabile. Questo apre la ricerca della vita fino a pianeti significativamente più grandi della Terra, ma più piccoli di Nettuno.

Un team dell’Università di Cambridge ha analizzato la massa, il raggio e i dati atmosferici dell’esopianeta K2-18b e ha stabilito che è possibile per il pianeta ospitare acqua liquida in condizioni abitabili al di sotto della sua atmosfera ricca di idrogeno.

Super Terra: ecco le caratteristiche dell’esopianeta che potrebbe ospitare la vita

K2-18b è a 124 anni luce di distanza, 2,6 volte il raggio e 8,6 volte la massa della Terra, e orbita attorno alla sua stella all’interno della zona abitabile, dove le temperature potrebbero consentire l’esistenza di acqua liquida. L’anno scorso, due diversi team hanno segnalato il rilevamento del vapore acqueo nell’atmosfera ricca di idrogeno dell’esopianeta, un pianeta al di fuori del nostro sistema solare.

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Il dottor Nikku Madhusudhan

Ma l’estensione dell’atmosfera e le condizioni degli interni sottostanti erano rimaste sconosciute. Il dottor Nikku Madhusudhan dell’Istituto di astronomia di Cambridge, che ha guidato lo studio, ha dichiarato: “Il vapore acqueo è stato rilevato nelle atmosfere di numerosi esopianeti ma, anche se il pianeta si trova nella zona abitabile, ciò non significa necessariamente che ci siano condizioni abitabili in superficie. Per stabilire le prospettive di abitabilità, è importante ottenere una comprensione unificata delle condizioni interne e atmosferiche del pianeta: in particolare, se può esistere acqua liquida sotto l’atmosfera”.
A causa delle dimensioni di K2-18b, alcuni suggeriscono che sarebbe più simile a una versione più piccola di Nettuno che a una versione più grande della Terra. Si pensa che un mini-Nettuno avrebbe un significativo involucro di idrogeno che circonda uno strato di acqua ad alta pressione, con un nucleo interno di roccia e ferro.
Se questa barriera fosse troppo spessa, sarebbe troppo calda e la pressione sulla superficie dello strato d’acqua sottostante sarebbe troppo grande per sostenere la vita.
Secondo il nuovo studio pubblicato su The Astrophysical Journal Letters, nonostante le dimensioni di K2-18b, il suo involucro di idrogeno non è necessariamente troppo spesso e lo strato di acqua potrebbe sostenere la vita.
Gli astronomi hanno utilizzato le osservazioni esistenti sull’atmosfera, per confermare che l’atmosfera è ricca di idrogeno con una quantità significativa di vapore acqueo. Hanno anche scoperto che i livelli di altre sostanze chimiche come metano e ammoniaca erano inferiori alle aspettative. Resta da vedere se questi livelli possano essere attribuiti a processi biologici.



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