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Proof of Ancient Aliens in the National Museum of Iraq?

One of the most amazing, inspiring museums a lot of people will (sadly) never get to visit is the National Museum Of Iraq in Baghdad.

It has collections that include art and artifacts from ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Chaldean civilizations - collections that put the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre to shame. And, despite being looted in 2003, it also has the Nimrud gold collection--which features gold jewelry and figures of precious stone that date to the 9th century BCE--and the collection of stone carvings and cuneiform tablets from Uruk that date back to 3500 and 3000 BCE.
Basically, there's some old, ancient shizz in there. And amongst the old, ancient art are some jars with some really weird, unexplained figures on them.
I found this guy (above), let's call him Xorx, on some pottery in a back room in the Museum. Due to some looting and the place being a general mess, the jar was marked "4000 - 6,000 BC" and they left it at that. Now, I know that artwork back then wasn't exactly realistic but, seriously, WTF? They drew what they knew - and this does not look human. I don't care what your Uncle Bubba says.
Let's look a closely at Xorx.
Large bulging eyes: Check.
Weird wiggly arms: Check.
No Hair: Check.
More than five fingers (or is that less?): Check.
No lips: Check.
Weird elongated body: Check.
Therefore, Xorx is an alien.
Okay, fine. I'm not nuts. Nor am I a faithful watcher of the (new) History Channel. I'm just saying there's some weird, unexplained art in the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad.
Click here for more more extraterrestrial art (and some of the other jaw dropping pieces found in the Museum).
Because, If this ain't proof of aliens, I don't know what is.
Paula Froelich

Alieni, ex ministro canadese: sono fra noi da migliaia di anni

Paul Hellyer, ex ministro della difesa canadese, ha dichiarato di essere a conoscenza del fatto che oltre ottanta razze aliene abitino il nostro pianeta assumendo connotati umanoidi

razze di alieni che interagiscono sulla terra

Le domande circa l’esistenza di forme di vita diverse dalla nostra da sempre appassionano molti di noi. Ad oggi non abbiamo risposte certe, anche se ogni tanto qualche potente della Terra, certamente in possesso di notizie di prima mano, si lascia sfuggire qualche frase a riguardo. Non ultimo l’ex premier russo Medvedev che ammise l’esistenza di alieni sul nostro pianeta a microfoni aperti. Non si capì mai se la dichiarazione fosse seria o scherzosa. In questi giorni un altro ex potente della terra aggiunge la propria opinione  a riguardo.Si tratta di Paul Hellyer, ministro della difesa canadese dal 1963 al 1967. Secondo costui gli alieni abitano il nostro pianeta da migliaia di anni ma è ben difficile per noi accorgercene perché sono in grado di assumere sembianze umane.Secondo Hellyer gli alieni sarebbero terrorizzati dalla possibilità che il genere umano utilizzi nuovamente ordigni nucleari poiché questi sarebbero in grado di provocare danni molto seri anche in punti remoti dell’universo. Inoltre l’ex ministro ha raccontato che, durante la guerra fredda, gruppi di dischi volanti furono scambiati dalla difesa statunitense per oggetti volanti russi e si arrivò a un passo dal conflitto. Sempre secondo Hellyer le razze aliene che abitano la Terra sarebbero oltre ottanta.


Florida photo capture looks like disc UFO

The Florida photographer did not see the disc-shaped object while taking the photo in Orlando on January 24, 2014.
MUFON database.

An Orlando, FL, witness reported a possible UFO captured on a digital camera after shooting a series of sky images from the World Center Marriott Resort, according to January 27, 2014, testimony in Case 53770 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The witness only noticed "a curving brighter line in the clouds" at 7:11 a.m. on January 24, 2014, while taking a series of three images in a panorama style, thought it was a jet contrail, and only noticed the odd photo days later on the computer.
"When I blew the image up to 1:1 pixel view I was astounded to see that my 'contrail' was actually a sharply defined disc resting in the clouds about 15-20 degrees above the horizon," the witness stated. The disc was tilted toward me, the top partially obscured by the clouds but the bright edge of the disc very clearly visible."
The witness submitted Image 1 and Image 2 with the MUFON report.
"The image was taken with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 using an Olympus 14-150mm lens at 14mm. The E-M5 is a micro 4/3 camera and the short side of the image at 14mm covers approx 45 degrees. By laying a grid over the image I was able to determine that the diameter of the disc was covering approximately 2 degrees. Guesstimating that the object might be as much as 5-10 miles away I concluded that the size of the disc might be about 850-1700 feet. The image of the disc appears on two of the three overlapping images I made for the pano. There are only a few seconds elapsed between the two images and the disc shows no apparent motion. I am attaching the jpeg image of the pano I created along with a 1:1 pixel crop of the area showing the disc which is located at the lower left of the pano."
Florida is a current UFO ALERT 3 rating, with a high number of UFO sightings nationally. Florida had 33 reports in December 2013 - while California had 68 reports - the highest reporting state in the nation.
You can read more details about other recently reported cases at the UFO Examiner home page.
The above quotes were edited for clarity. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or man-made. Some of the above witness descriptions do match Chinese Lanterns. If Florida MUFON investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update. Please report UFO activity to

Ufo avvistato e filmato su Lecce nei Marsi (L’Aquila)


In un paesaggio incantevole, nel pieno del Parco Nazionale D’Abruzzo, è stato ripreso in video un ufo a Lecce nei Marsi. Sicuramente un velivolo perché non può essere altrimenti, si stagliava nel cielo notturno tra lo sconcerto e lo stupore di alcuni testimoni, uno dei quali non si è perso d’animo ed ha girato un video dell’inusuale avvenimento. Un oggetto a quota piuttosto bassa, dall’apparente forma triangolare in quanto nel buio più completo aveva ai tre vertici di questa forma, che era completamente silenzioso, tre luci. Da quelle parti passano anche aerei ed elicotteri, ma emettono rumore e non hanno nulla che assomigli all’ufo avvistato a Lecce nei Marsi.


Commento di Oliviero Mannucci: Prima di definire questo oggetto una probabile nave extraterrestre ci andrei cauto. Innanzitutto suggerirei a chi sta indagando di accertare se in zona sono in atto sopralluoghi dell'ENEL. Qualche mese fa un mio caro amico mi ha inviato una foto scattata da un testimone attendibile che riprende un oggetto volante non identificato sorvolare una zona boscosa nei dintorni di Arezzo  durante la notte. La foto dell'oggetto in questione, messa a confronto con altre foto presenti sulla rete che riprendevano droni notturni dotati di fari d'illuminazione era veramente molto simile. Poi sono venuto a sapere che la valanga di avvistamenti di elicotteri con insegne non sempre facilmente  identificabili avvistati da numerosi testimoni sopra la stessa zona nelle settimene precedenti, non erano altro che sopralluoghi dell'ENEL, che evidentemente oltre agli elicotteri utilizza anche droni. Il mio amico, inizialmente convinto che la foto da lui inviata riguardasse un UFO, inteso come possibile nave aliena, ha concordato con me che probabilmente l'oggetto  era proprio un drone notturno, molto probabilmente anch'esso utilizzato dall'ENEL. 

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DILLON, Mont. -
A Dillon resident saw a huge fireball in the sky, just before 8 a.m Tuesday. Ruth Jackson of Dillon spoke to NBC Montana over the phone and says she had no idea what she was looking at, so she pulled over to take a photo.

"We were driving east on Helena St. in Dillon and the sun hadn't come up yet but there was this bright thing in the sky and I said to my husband, 'What is that?'" said Jackson.

She was a passenger in the car along with her husband and two granddaughters. They were on their way to drop the girls off at school when they stopped to take the picture.

"I am always looking for something to take a picture of, but this was just awesome," said Jackson.

We showed the photos to the MSU Space Grant Consortium and met with Director Angela Des Jardins. She tells us what they appear to be at first glance.

"When I saw it first, the first thing that came to mind is something was falling through the air that was on fire," said Des Jardins.

Des Jardins tells us with so little information it is hard to pinpoint what exactly this could be, but she did rule out a few possibilities.

"You can put to rest that there is any aliens or anything like that, and I am not the biggest expert on meteors but I think you can probably safely say it was not a meteor," said Des Jardins.

The Montana Space Grant Consortium gets photos from people across the state on a regular basis. However Des Jardins tells us these photos are unlike anything she has seen so far.

"I can see why this is capturing people's imagination and why they really wanted to take pictures of it because that is pretty rare," said Des Jardins.

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A light in the Sacramento sky raised some questions for its crescent shape just before sunrise -- and it wasn't the moon. Dirk Verdoorn explains

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January-26-2014 U.F.O Orbs were captured on video traveling high in altitude over San Antonio,Texas.
** EQUIPMENT USED: SONY TRV138 20X950zoom/with a 950nm IR Filter..
As i was Skywatching facing west using a Sony with an IR Filter..I Notice this flash high in altitude it did not appear to be an aircraft.So i grabbed my camcorder began for a closer observation..When zooming in two rotating Orbs traveling high in altitude came into view...You can clearly see them rotating as they traveled overhead..They were traveling at high altitude used the top of the trees as reference point(giving the altitude it was traveling)..A tripod was used allowing us to see they traveled overhead...On the video stills you can clearly see these U.F.O Orbs..I tried to keep them in frame as they traveled...I followed them until they were out of sight....In my opinion these glowing objects were clearly no aircraft,weather-balloon or satellite.....

NASA: UFO over Mars yet!







UFODI News: Amazing Bright Ovni UFO Travels Through Bangor N.Ireland 20/02/2011

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UFO: A ROCKET LIKE UFO ACENDS UPWARD MAKING A GIANT CHEMTRAIL! We classify this as an unidentified object because of the upward motion this object is traveling at. Normally we see planes flying over our head making chemtrails, but this Ufo ascends straight upward and behaves more like a rocket. In this video you can see a gigantic Chemtrail being made as this Ufo is ascending upward. At another point in this video you can see the object separating from the chemtrail while flying upward at a high rate speed. If you look closely, you will notice at the top of the chemtrail there is Ufo. The object leaves the trail and rises rapidly and disappears midway in the video. What is it? As always, you decide. Thank you for watching!

Special thanks to youtube user "TeknoAXE" for the music. Visit him here

Japan Kofun Era Tomb Like Structure Found On Mars (Pyramid, Structure)

For More Exclusive Information on UFO

Google Earth : 36° 7'45.64"N 139°28'52.95"E
Google Mars : 6° 3'57.07"N 92° 4'13.22"E


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Your UFO reports: 11th January -18th January 2014

Austin, Texas - 1/26/14
Me and my security partner saw to orange bright lights traveling north east in the sky they flew over the UT CAMPUS and the capitol complex.
- - - - - - - - - -

McArthur Park In Los Angeles - 26 January 2014
Gathered today at McArthur Park with Robert Bingham, John Lauro, John Graf, Grant Ibriham, William Roehling, Alma (ATMA) Roehling and Jessie Contreras for a day of UFO Summoning and filming. It was a cloudy day and a little rain drizzle here and there which took away from more possible sightings. I was able to capture this UFO as it provided us with its presense.

- - - - - - - - - -
Denia, Spain - 20 January 2014
[direct translate from Spanish] Monday, 20 January , I was in my car with my girl and the dog, in Denia, near a restaurant called Mena, were about 20 and 15 hours, look to my left when a white light that changed intensity and color, began to look with curiosity, was perched at a reasonable height above the dim light of two ships that emit a red light , finding these not far from the lighthouse with a powerful green light ... the object emitted a glow began to be white and blue , and suddenly disappeared , without more, pensándome would be a star and the clouds would plug me light , however that bright object kept appearing disappear static always appeared in the same place , but derrepente issued a red light , changing back from white to red but shining bright , and again the light faded leaving a more powerful red light spot that the 2 boats sailing under , that red light went forth , just like that, another same light intensity and color parallel to the sea began to approach the coast with great speed , leaving the main object static motionless where ever , at this time I discuss my girlfriend was going very rare, you indicate those 2 lights static and the other heading to the coast , the object remained static again increase its brightness and stayed there watching my girl , and out of the car telling him to encumber ran for the ride, trying to get closer to the object to encumber with a camera phone because it was aware that it would not look well in the dark , during the race I ran with 2 runners with whom I almost crashed because it ran looking at the lights , and one which approached the coast disappeared ... stop watching it and that's it, then having traveled about 60 or 70 meters running down the walk I started to tax , in the video you can see your breath and rest because I was running , not seen in mobile, did not come to grasp that strong reddish light that was still resting on 2 boats , just catch the light reached the lighthouse in the video, but derrepente the red light began to grow in a huge way emitted lot of light, so light mobile got to tax it and what you see in the video, on the run only see the light of green light and the light of UFO increasing in brightness incredibly , this object emitted a lot red light and before my eyes disappeared and was not , I walk back to the car after waiting as it reappeared and apparently discussed.
- - - - - - - - - -

Miami beach, Florida - 19 Jan 2014
On jan 19 I saw at 10.15 pm orange lights like 10 of them over the ocean I am in Miami beach same lights same time as a resident of boca raton saw while he was walking his dog I am glad some body saw what I saw .
- - - - - - - - - -
Between the Grand Canyon and LA - January 14th 1:30 patI was flying from Chicao to LA. Shortly after flying over the Gran Canyon I saw theses bright lights.

east Rutherford, NJ - 1/9/14 10 58 am
i only saw this photo today on my i phone! i took this photograph about 7 to 10 days ago while driving on rt 3 west. i now know that date of the photo was 1/9/14. i remember seeing up ahead of me near giants stadium this odd thing up in the sky but I was driving on the highway and couldnt look at it . as i approached i had my cell out and got one blind shot off while driving. i never noticed the shot i took because i thought it was going to be this large helicopter that was also in the sky.

i now know this is what was on my camera. i remember as i passed, seeing the large unusual helicopter in the sky thru my sunroof. and thought how odd, i have never seen this big military looking helicopter here before but maybe the giants were doing something with it for the super bowl ??

however, this is not the helicopter I saw by any stretch? i believe it was sitting still in the sky . there were no marks or chips on my windshield that i can think of and that close of a focus would look different . i cannot figure out what this is.

Macclesfield, UK - 25 Dec 2013
Hi i have a video and some photos of what i caught above my parents home on xmas eve in macclesfield UK at 3:15 am i cannot send video via here i can email it but here are the photos


Alaska Canada - 28/Nov/2013
Thanksgiving evening, 2013. My five-year-old son caught a glimpse of these bright orange orbs appearing out over the ocean, from our home on Cook Inlet, Alaska. They lasted for several minutes--long enough for me to get the camera. Thought they might be particles from Comet ISON. At first, there were about a dozen of these strange lights... the smaller orbs moved into the larger ones, as though they were being, "drawn in" to them. Still not certain what they were... but, fascinating!
- - - - - - - - - -

Orange County, California - 23/Sep/2013
Light in the sky. Don't know what it is. Flying low and slow hovering and then fly's away.

- - - - - - - - - -

Butte, Montana - oct.15,2009
I was taking pix of "the lady of the rockies",here in BUTTE,MT.,& didn't see this until i uploaded the pix onto computer.this is the very first "object",i have ever caught on camera.,or have EVER seen..period.before this-i hadn't really given the subject much thought..since then-i have captured MANY "objects",that are unexplained....i liken it to a very large,end of a screwdriver. it seems to be about the size of a volkswagon. no clue whether it is "falling","ascending",moving horizontal,vertical..,as i did not see it in the view-finder,or "moving"..back then i sent it to mufon,& a couple of other ufo websites..

UFODI News: Huge Disc UFO Comes Out Of Boca Beach FL 22/Jan/2014

Location: Boca Raton South Beach Pavilion - Boca Raton, FL
Date: 22/01/2014

A startled couple where shocked to witness a bright disc come from the sea and ascending slowly over Boca beach, south Pavillion Florida.
Recording the event which is short, the couples reactions were that of being starstruck, the footage is short, But clearly a disc shaped bright object is there out at sea and it resembles nothing of Earthly aircraft.

Did you see any strange activity over Florida recently?

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DOC ITA - Gli scienziati confermano: Gli extraterrestri esistono - Discovery Channel

01 25 2014 Japan Ufo sighting over Okinawa Naha

 Around 9.00 p.m 10 orange lights were in Naha's sky. "These lights are UFO, are not astronomical phenomena"  have said some researchers.

Today, 01 27 2014 I get an e-mail from an italian reader of my blog in Japan, he explained me that this UFO sighting is happened near an local US base. This is very interesting, I thank Luca R. for this news.

Black UFOs Over Surprise, Arizona On Jan 24, 2014, UFO Sightings Daily

Date of sighting: January 24, 2014
Location of sighting: Surprise, Arizona, USA

Eyewitness states:
I was going to pick up dinner at a pizza place on Greenway & Reems in Surprise. Traveling north on Rems I noticed 2 stationary dark objects to the NE of my location. 3 to 4 more objects appeared and I first thought these might be the F-35's heading to Luke AFB in Glendale or helicopters. I decided to head NE and noticed that now there were 3 objects, 2 high and 1 just above the mountain tops, the others vanished and there were only 3 in the sky. I grabbed my phone while I was talking to a friend and took some pictures and a video when I parked at the 142nd Ave and Statler (Surprise City Hall). The main objects remained pretty much stationary but one object to the left of the main 2 was quite low to the ground and was faint to see at times. I left the area after 8 minutes and they were still there. I left the area to pick up my food and when I left at 545pm the objects were gone from my view. I continued to check the whole sky on my way home and there was no sign of anything. The video was taken with an HTC One X. Resolution is 3264 X 1840.

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ISS ufos are very fast. Don't blink.

ISS ufos are very fast.

Giant Underwater Pyramid Found Near Azores Island (english subtitles)

"Researchers have discovered an underwater pyramid 60 meters high and 8000 meters square base near the Bank De João de Castro, between the islands of Terceira and São Miguel. The structure was identified by the sailor Diocleciano Smith based on bathymetry readings. The author does not believe that the pyramid is of natural origin. The Government says that the matter is already being investigated with the support of the Portuguese Navy."

Quebec Family and QMI Agency Report UFO Phenomenon Near Montreal

A family from Quebec has been witnessing unusual lights in the horizon for three years and what makes this claim more interesting is that QMI Agency reportedly seen the phenomenon this January.

A QMI reporter claims seeing six lights flying above a wooded area in the Laurentians region, just an hour northeast of Montreal on January 9 at 6PM. The objects appeared in the sky and moved across the horizon one after another, about a minute apart. They were moving without sound from west to east. The reporter observed the mysterious objects in less than 45 minutes.

The incident that the QMI reported took place near the home of local businessman Benoit Meilleur who recalls witnessing the light show for the first time in 2011. He says that he was on his way home when he spotted a triangular object flying very slowly near his house. He initially thought it was an airplane, but it was flying very low that he could have hit it with a golf ball.

Meilleur recalls calling the Canadian Armed Forces. He says that CAF told him that they did not detect anything. He then contacted NORAD and Quebec provincial police but made little development. He says that they even asked him if he was feeling alright.

Samuel, Meillueur’s 18-year-old son, says the lights tend to show up between 6 PM to 8 PM every night.


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Nucleare? No, grazie! - Centrali nucleari in Svizzera. In autunno compresse di iodio alla popolazione

Tutte le persone che vivono in un perimetro di 50 km attorno ai cinque reattori nucleari della Svizzera, a partire dall’autunno riceveranno compresse di iodio. La fattura sarà a carico dei gestori degli impianti nucleari svizzeri.

Le compresse di iodio saranno distribuite per una funzione preventiva, a seguito di un’ordinanza adottata mercoledì dal Consiglio federale. Sino ad oggi la misura riguardava unicamente le persone che vivono fino a 20 km attorno alle centrali nucleari.
La distribuzione delle compresse inizierà in autunno, attraverso i servizi postali e ogni persona riceverà una scatola con 12 compresse. Il costo dell’operazione, circa 300 milioni di franchi, è interamente a carico dai gestori delle centrali nucleari.
Le compresse di iodio, se prese nel giusto tempo dopo un incidente nucleare, impediscono allo iodio radioattivo emesso e assorbito dall’organismo di accumularsi nella tiroide.


NASA: 2 places on Mars could have been habitable

 By Elizabeth  Landau

Two NASA rovers are about 5,200 miles apart on the surface of Mars and will likely never meet.
But though they roam alone, Curiosity and Opportunity continue to reveal details about the Red Planet's former habitable conditions. New studies in the journal Science describe insights from each of those rovers about ancient environments where microorganisms could have once lived.
"These results demonstrate that early Mars was habitable, but this does not mean that Mars was inhabited," writes John Grotzinger, lead scientist on the Curiosity mission, in an introduction to the studies in the journal Science.
We've been hearing a lot about how the two-ton, car-sized Curiosity rover has been finding evidence that Mars may have hosted life at some point. Last year NASA came out and said that yes, Mars was once habitable.
The new research reinforces that statement from Curiosity's vantage point, and adds the perspective of the Opportunity rover, which has found a different ancient habitable environment on another part of the planet.
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Opportunity is smaller -- weighing 384 pounds, and about 5 feet in both length and height -- and older, having landed January 25, 2004, at a place called Meridiani Planum. It has driven just under 25 miles in a decade, and is currently situated in a place called Endeavour Crater.
What Opportunity has found
Opportunity does not have the tools required to detect carbon or nitrogen -- chemicals required for life -- directly. But it has been able to find smectite clay minerals -- which form in the presence of water -- in rocks on the rim of Endeavour Crater, with supporting evidence from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter orbiting above.
Scientists directed Opportunity to a place on the crater rim where the orbiter suggested these clays could be found. There, Opportunity uncovered evidence of rocks that preexisted the formation of the crater. Scientists believe the crater's rim formed more than 3.7 billion years ago.
"These are rocks that were happy on the surface, and along comes the asteroid or the comet that formed Endeavour, and the rocks were uplifted on the rim, and then the ejecta was plopped right on top of them," said Raymond Arvidson, lead study author and planetary scientist with the rover missions.
The ancient rocks are called the Matijevic formation. They are fine-grained, layered rocks with dark veneers that are carrying iron clays that suggest water with a neutral to only slightly acidic pH was once in the area.
Opportunity showed scientists fractures across these ancient rocks they wanted to explore. The rover's rock-abrasion tool allowed scientists to uncover an aluminous clay that could be formed in only mildly acidic, and non-oxidizing waters.
"Whether or not life got started and evolved in that particular niche, in this groundwater percolating through the fractures, remains to be seen," Arvidson said.
Curiosity Rover marks first anniversary
But in a younger rock formation called the Burns formation, which largely filled in the crater, the rover found evidence of a more acidic and very oxidizing environment. This suggests that the environment was less hospitable after the formation of Endeavour Crater.
Curious findings
Curiosity, on the other hand, landed in Gale Crater, and helped scientists determine that an area called Yellowknife Bay was habitable in ancient times. Here, from the rim of the crater came stream waters that formed "a lake-stream-groundwater system that might have existed for millions of years," Grotzinger wrote.
Smectite clay minerals there indicate there was a moderate to neutral pH, and the lack of sulfate minerals suggest also that there was not an acidic environment, Grotzinger wrote.
This ancient habitable environment seems completely different from what Opportunity found at the Matijevic formation on Endeavour Crater, Arvidson said. Yellowknife Bay is probably younger, and definitely a sedimentary environment.
All this suggests three distinct periods in Martian history, Arvidson said.
In the first, in the early days, lots of water flowed on the surface, with lakes and groundwater flowing through, as represented by the Matijevic formation that Opportunity found and the mudstone in Yellowknife Bay that Curiosity found. One theory is that these warm, wet surface conditions took place in early times, when the planet's iron-nickel core was still at least partially molten, Arvidson said. The molten core provided a magnetic field around it that shielded the atmosphere, scientists believe.
The Burns formation, as examined by Opportunity, represents a later period -- likely, a drying out of Mars -- with more acidic, oxidizing waters. Volcanic activity was probably dying down, and the magnetic field waning. Lake beds were turned into sand dunes.
"Then the whole system shut off," Arvidson said. The planet became what we see today: Cold and dry.
Curiosity is equipped to find organic molecules, but finding them may be difficult. Assuming such molecules were enriched, and not destroyed when sediment turned into rock, they would have also needed to survive ionizing radiation. Another new study in Science describes the radiation environment on Mars, and suggests that, in theory, organics could have been preserved from millions of years ago -- but the indication of them might be much weaker now.
What's next for the rovers
The Curiosity rover, representing a $2.5 billion mission, is now on its way to Mount Sharp, a sedimentary formation that will allow the rover to explore Mars' history by driving up the peak's slope and exploring rock chemical composition layer by layer.
NASA is planning to launch another Curiosity-sized rover in 2020, which could collect samples that later missions might return to Earth.
Opportunity will continue exploring Endeavour Crater, moving southward to see if there are more of these ancient rocks from a more livable time.
But Opportunity's twin, Spirit, isn't going anywhere.
Spirit also landed in January 2004, on the opposite side of the planet, and got stuck in the soft soil of a place called Troy.
That location turned out to be a scientific gold mine. Spirit showed evidence that water, possibly in the form of snow melt, had trickled into the subsurface relatively recently, and continuously.
Spirit has been defunct since it stopped communicating in 2010. The other rovers are too far away from it to pay their respects.

Mon­tata la prima para­bola del MUOS. Ennesima prova che siamo una colonia degli Stati Uniti

Que­sta mat­tina, poco dopo mez­zo­giorno, è stata innal­zata la prima para­bola del MUOS, il sistema bel­lico sta­tu­ni­tense che ser­virà per la guerra totale auto­ma­tiz­zata mediante droni ed elet­tro­nica, per­met­tendo agli USA di col­pire e por­tare morte e distru­zione a loro pia­ci­mento senza nep­pure più rischiare qual­che pro­pria vita umana. Quelle altrui — ovvia­mente — non contano.

Pro­ce­dono a pieno ritmo i lavori per la costru­zione del mega impianto di antenne satel­li­tari all’interno della base Usa di Niscemi: ieri mat­tina c’è stato l’arrivo della grande gru, che oggi è ser­vita per sol­le­vare la prima para­bola. Nei pros­simi giorni le altre due. Poi le prove d’accensione. Poi l’uso. Era que­sto l’ultimo tas­sello, il resto del sistema è già pronto ed attende le para­bole in Con­trada Ulmo per andare a regime.

Que­sto evento ha una sua impor­tanza sim­bo­lica, anche se era ampia­mente atteso e non cam­bia nulla per quanto riguarda la lotta NOMUOS: il pro­blema per gli ame­ri­cani, e per i loro servi che garan­ti­scono l’ordine pub­blico, sarà man­te­nerle accese.

L’opposizione al MUOS con­ti­nuerà con una inces­sante bat­ta­glia giu­di­zia­ria, sup­por­tata dai nostri dati tec­nici, e dalla lotta non­vio­lenta ma ferma della popo­la­zione. Fino a quando gli USA valu­te­ranno che i costi per restare saranno più alti di quelli per andar­sene. Un amico avvo­cato oggi ha com­men­tato, davanti alla foto della prima para­bola: “Costerà loro di più quando le dovranno smon­tare”. E’ que­sto il giu­sto spirito.

Con­tra­ria­mente ai nostri gover­nanti grandi e pic­cini, ed ai loro servi, gli sta­tu­ni­tensi non hanno in ballo la pro­pria cre­di­bi­lità o la pro­pria car­riera poli­tica, non devono a tutti i costi rea­liz­zare l’opera per sod­di­sfare i pro­pri clien­tes e i pro­pri padroni: i padroni sono appunto loro.

La lotta NOMUOS è e deve essere diretta con­tro — appunto — il MUOS, che costrui­scono e gesti­ranno gli USA. I vari manu­ten­goli e servi scioc­chi, più o meno ubbi­dienti o ambi­gui, nazio­nali e locali, non con­tano: sono solo cani da guar­dia, ma non hanno alcuna impor­tanza reale.

Su di loro, tut­ta­via, cadrà la respon­sa­bi­lità morale di tutte le vit­time delle pros­sime guerre che il MUOS per­met­terà. Gover­nanti nazio­nali, gover­nanti locali, scien­ziati e tec­nici al loro ser­vi­zio, chiun­que abbia per­messo con l’azione o l’inazione quanto sta acca­dendo, avrà le mani spor­che di san­gue: su di loro cada la male­di­zione di tutte le per­sone di pace.

Da Il Manifesto

Nei televisori di ultima generazione inserita tecnologia Usa per manipolare il cervello


By Edoardo Capuano 
Di mezzo ci sono le ESSE ESSE, ma i nazisti questa volta non c'entrano, bensì criminali più pericolosi e subdoli che già quasi controllano economicamente il globo.
Il tema è un altro tabù, strettamente interconnesso all'aerosolterapia bellica realizzata in gran parte del mondo dal governo degli Stati Uniti d'America, a base di scie chimiche imbottite di sostanze tossiche, come ad esempio il bario che rende l'aria più elettroconduttiva.
Si chiama in gergo tecnico “Sistema di Gamma Acustica Silenziosa (SSSS)”. 
Così magari non dice niente ai più.
Ma se aggiungiamo l’espressione trasmissione tv digitale, qualcuno ricorderà la fretta per espanderla.
 Chi non rammenta la premura che hanno avuto anche in Italia, nel far sì che in un arco di tempo breve il segnale digitale raggiungesse ogni regione dello Stivale?
Per il Dipartimento della Difesa degli Stati Uniti d’America è il “Sistema di gamma acustica silenziosa, chiamato Squad (squadra, sezione). 
Nel settore privato questa tecnologia è denominata sistema silenzioso di presentazione subliminale (Silent Subliminal Presentation System).
In materia vengono usati nomi ingannevoli come parlare… cervello… subliminale… silenziosa (Speak Brain Silent Subliminals) per i prodotti basati su SSSS. 
In qualsiasi modo chiamiate questa tecnologia, SSSS usa un programma subliminale che emette delle onde a frequenze molto alte e potenti (Ultra High Frequency) UHF, inserendo dei messaggi direttamente nel subconscio umano.
È stato perfezionato due decenni fa dal Dipartimento della Difesa U.S.A. ed è stato testato sui soldati dell’esercito di Saddam Hussein durante la guerra del golfo del 1991.
 E in seguito anche in Somalia. 
SSSS è un’arma proibita a livello internazionale, sviluppata per una missione particolare: il graduale e totale controllo della popolazione occidentale, ed infine mondiale.
La tecnologia bellica SSSS dello zio Sam è collegata al nuovo sistema digitale tv.
 Vale a dire: può entrare nella mente della popolazione inconsapevole. 
Può essere amplificata con tanti dispositivi inclusi H.A.A.R.P. e le torri di GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency). 
Tradotto: significa centrare l’intera popolazione del pianeta Terra.
 Il raggio di questa tecnologia attraverso i riscaldatori ionosferici (stazioni fisse e mobili) che sparano onde Elf nella ionosfera, poi rifratte sulla Terra, investono tutte le popolazioni senza distinzioni di confini statali.
 Il fenomeno sta accadendo sotto i nostri occhi distratti e penetrando nelle nostre menti, tranne che in quelle dei negazionisti, appunto dementi irreversibili.
Ma l’aspetto più pericoloso di SSSS è di non essere identificabile da chi è preso come bersaglio, perché esso trasmette il suo programma direttamente nel cervello umano tramite il senso dell’udito, delle frequenze non percepibili come suono. 
Ognuno di noi sul pianeta è sensibile al controllo della mente da SSSS. 
Le onde UHF possono essere trasmesse su lunghe distanze da fonti lontane e possono attraversare muri e oggetti come se non ci fossero, Le frequenze usate per la trasmissione TV si dividono in due gamme: VHF (Very High Frequency: frequenze molto alte) e UHF (Ultra High Frequency: frequenze ultra alte). SSSS è stato progettato per usare le UHF come onde portanti.
Comunque la cosa più insidiosa è il fatto che collegando degli schemi di un elettroencefalogramma (EEGs) di un individuo a dei super computers, questi possono essere digitalmente alterati ed archiviati per essere ritrasmessi via digitale UHF. Questo super computer può identificare ed isolare dal cervello gruppi di emozioni a bassa ampiezza, sintetizzarli ed archiviarli su un altro computer. 
In altri termini, studiando le caratteristiche delle onde cerebrali che si verificano quando un soggetto sperimenta un’emozione particolare, gli scienziati hanno identificato il modello di onda (frequenza) concomitante del cervello.
 Così possono adesso duplicarlo. 
Questi gruppi di emozioni firmati e modificati possono essere trasmessi da frequenze portanti come le UHF direttamente al cervello. 
Dove questi vettori silenziosi possono innescare la stessa emozione in un altro essere umano. 
In altre parole se il gruppo di emozioni trasmette un sentimento di disperazione, questo sarà direttamente alimentato nel cervello (cavia) tramite onde radio invisibili.
Il meccanismo che altera la mente si basa su una tecnologia portante subliminale: Spread Spectrum silenzioso suono (SSSS). 
È stata sviluppata da Oliver Lowery di Norcross, Georgia, ed è descritta nel brevetto US # 5.159.703, “Silent Subliminal Presentation System”, datata 27 ottobre 1992. Nell’abstract del brevetto è scritto:
«Un sistema di comunicazione silenzioso in vettori non-fonetiche, nell’intervallo molto basso o molto alta frequenza audio o nell’adiacente spettro di frequenza ultrasonica sono in ampiezza o frequenza modulate con l’intelligenza desiderata e propagate acusticamente o vibrazionalmente, per incentivo in cervello, tipicamente attraverso l’uso di altoparlanti, cuffie, o trasduttori piezoelettrici. 
Le portanti modulate possono essere trasmessi direttamente e in tempo reale o possono essere comodamente registrati e conservati su supporti meccanici, magnetici o ottici per la trasmissione differita o ripetuta a chi ascolta».

Ecco cosa si legge su Revolution (anno 2012) di Dieter Broers, ricercatore in neurologia:
«Uno dei nostri risultati più sorprendenti è stato che le onde cerebrali dei soggetti partecipanti al test possono essere modificate attraverso l’esposizione del cervello alle onde elettromagnetiche. 
Abbiamo poi scoperto che potremmo anche controllare le onde cerebrali dei soggetti con l’uso di questi campi, per esempio elevando una frequenza cerebrale da 10 Hz a 12 Hz, utilizzando un campo elettromagnetico esogeno di 12 Hz.
 I campi di forza specifici e i livelli di intensità dei campi di forza inducono delle percezioni che altrimenti possono essere indotte dalla somministrazione di sostanze psicoattive. 
Un normale campo geomagnetico ci permette di mantenere un normale stato di coscienza vigile, compreso il nostro senso del tempo, mentre un campo geomagnetico gravemente anormale, o l’assenza di un campo magnetico terrestre, provoca degli stati mentali anormali e uno squilibrio del nostro senso del tempo. In altre parole, l’effetto dei disturbi geomagnetici è molto simile a quello dell’assunzione di droghe allucinogene».
Un'altra affermazione disarmante è stata fatta nello studio ON THE POSSIBILITY OF DIRECTLY ACCESSING EVERY HUMAN BRAIN BY ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION OF FUNDAMENTAL ALGORITHMS (anno 1995). L’autore che si riferisce all’atmosfera di Gaia, è lo scienziato M.A. Persinger dellaLaurentian University:
«Negli ultimi vent'anni (Persinger, Ludwig, & Ossenkopp, 1973) è emerso un potenziale che era improbabile in passato ma che è ora marginalmente attuabile. 
Questo potenziale è la capacità tecnica di influenzare direttamente la maggior parte dei circa sei miliardi di cervelli della specie umana senza la mediazione delle modalità sensoriali classiche, mediante la generazione di informazione neurale all'interno di un mezzo fisico entro il quale sono immersi tutti i membri della specie».
Gli stimoli subliminali, (“sotto la soglia”), contrariamente a stimoli sovraliminali o “sopra la soglia”, sono tutti gli stimoli sensoriali al di sotto della soglia assoluta della percezione cosciente di un individuo. 
Nel 2007, come parte della “Ipnosi, innesco subconsciente e branding” 1.400 delegati sono stati esposti al film Picnic con 30 inserti subliminali in un periodo di 90 secondi.
 Quando fu loro chiesto di scegliere uno dei due marchi di fantasia, Delta e Theta, l’81 per cento di essi scelse il brand suggerito dai tagli subliminali, Delta. 
Gli stimoli visivi possono essere velocemente flashati prima che un individuo sia in grado di elaborarli, o flashati e poi mascherati, interrompendo così il processo. 
Gli stimoli uditivi possono essere riprodotti al di sotto del volume udibile, analogamente mascherati da altri stimoli o registrati al contrario in un processo chiamato backmasking.
Jeff Rense in “Educate Yourself” del 22 Dicembre 2008 offre una panoramica di una tecnologia psicotronica segreta del Pentagono conosciuta come Silent Sound Spread Spectrum pienamente operativa dal primi anni ’90:
«Gli effetti fisici, emotivi e psicologici di questa tecnologia furono così gravi che 75.000 e poi altri 125.000 (o più) membri delle truppe irachene uscirono dai loro bunker nel mezzo del deserto, sventolando bandiere bianche e cadendo in ginocchio davanti alle truppe statunitensi, baciando letteralmente gli stivali o le mani ai loro persecutori.
 Perché avrebbero mai dovuto farlo se questi veterani della guerra in Iran avevano promesso la “madre di tutte le battaglie”? 
Il 23 Marzo 1991 fu data una breve notizia sotto forma di servizio per un bollettino della ITV News Bureau Ltd, dal titolo La Guerra Psicologica High-Tech arriva in Medio Oriente “Operazione Desert Storm” in Iraq, in cui si scriveva che “un programma incredibile e altamente classificato di psy-ops che utilizza tecniche di ‘Silent Sound’ è stato implementato con successo”.
Subliminalmente, una potente tecnologia era al lavoro. 
Un sofisticato sistema elettronico ideato per ‘parlare’ direttamente alla mente dell’ascoltatore, per alterare e trascinare le sue onde cerebrali, per manipolare i suoi modelli elettroencefafalografici (EEG) e quindi impiantare artificialmente stati emotivi negativi – sentimenti di intensa paura, ansia, disperazione e senso di impotenza sono stati creati nelle truppe irachene.
 Esso impianta tali emozioni nelle loro menti».
Mai sentito parlare delle di Torri GWEN? 
“Sound of Silence” è una parola in codice militare e di intelligence che definisce alcune armi psicotroniche di controllo mentale di massa, ampiamente utilizzata dal “moderno” esercito degli Stati Uniti. 
Questa arma segreta che altera la mente è basata su una cosa che si chiama tecnologia subliminale a vettore o Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS). 
Essa è descritta nel brevetto statunitense n. 5.159.703 – “Silent Subliminal Presentation System” per uso commerciale nel 1992. L’abstract del brevetto recita:
«Un sistema di comunicazione silenziosa in cui i vettori non acustici, nella gamma di frequenze molto basse (ELF) o ad altissima frequenza audio (VHF)… si propagano acusticamente o per via vibrazionale, per induzione nel cervello, in genere attraverso l’uso di altoparlanti, cuffie, o trasduttori piezoelettrici».
Questo dispositivo, il “Sound of Silence”, consente l’impianto ingiustificato di pensieri specifici ed emozioni in ignari esseri umani. 
In breve, ha la capacità reale di trasformare gli esseri umani in semplici marionette nelle mani di alcuni “controllori”, o burattinai.
I televisori di Stati Uniti e Canada sono diventati digitali al 100 per cento (obbligatori dal febbraio 2009 ma ormai siamo costretti al loro utilizzo anche in Europa), implementando il loro uso dei segnali delle frequenze Sound of Silence (al fine di collegare con successo le torri GWEN), che permetteranno il controllo illimitato, completo e massiccio della mente e della coscienza dei popoli. 
Esistono solide prove che alcuni elitisti progettano di estendere definitivamente la capacità di questa tecnologia H.A.A.R.P. fino a comprendere tutte le persone in ogni continente.
Secondo l’US Air Force (anno 1982), le onde ELF hanno un numero di potenziali usi militari, tra cui:
«il controllo della folla, il controllo della sicurezza delle installazioni militari, e delle tecniche anti-uomo nella guerra tattica – e la produzione di una distorsione percettiva o disorientamento da lieve a grave».
Le prime ricerche in effetti di stimolazione visiva e uditiva subliminali sono esemplificate da US Pat. No. 3.060.795 di Corrigan, et al. 3.278.676 e di Becker. US Pat. No. 4.395.600 di Lundy e Tyler è rappresentativo di successivi sviluppi nelle tecniche di messaggi subliminali di oggi.

Ecco tutta una serie di brevetti inquietanti acquisiti dal Pentagono:

US Patent & Trademark Office, Patent Full Text and Image Database 

United States Patent 4,395,600 Auditory subliminal message system and method 

United States Patent 3.278.676, Becker Apparatus for producing visual and auditory stimulation 
United States Patent 5,270,800 Subliminal message generator 

United States Patent 4,141,344 Sound recording system (descrizione google trad: “In un programma di registrazione audio, come la musica o voce, su un registratore a nastro magnetico che opera segnale generatore di corrente alternata ad una frequenza inferiore a circa 14 Hz fornisce una base AC per il segnale audio del programma. 
Questo 14 Hz o inferiore del segnale AC è percepito a orecchio dell'ascoltatore di creare uno stato Alpha Theta o nel suo cervello quando il nastro viene riprodotto.”) 

United States Patent 4,777,529 Auditory subliminal programming system 
United States Patent 4,834,701 Apparatus for inducing frequency reduction in brain wave (descrizione google trad: “Riduzione della frequenza in onda cervello umano è inducibile, consentendo cervello umano di percepire il suono battito 4-16 hertz. Tale battuta suono può essere facilmente realizzato con un apparato, comprendente almeno una sorgente sonora generare un insieme di segnali a bassa frequenza differenti tra loro in frequenza da 4-16 hertz. Elettroencefalografico studio ha rivelato che il suono battito è efficace per ridurre beta-alfa-ritmo in ritmo, nonché a mantenere alfa-ritmo.” 
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - ELF/VLF Wave-injection and Magnetospheric Probing with HAARP Subliminal Behavior Modification Through TV, Computer, Described in US Patent #6,506,148 
"It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream."
-- US Patent and Trade Office, Patent #6,506,148 on subliminal behavior modification, 1/14/2003 
United States Patent 6,506,148
Loos, January 14, 2003
Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors
USP # 6,488,617 (December 3, 2002), Method and Device for Producing a Desired Brain State
Abstract: A method and device for the production of a desired brain state in an individual contain means for monitoring and analyzing the brain state while a set of one or more magnets produce fields that alter this state. A computational system alters various parameters of the magnetic fields in order to close the gap between the actual and desired brain state. This feedback process operates continuously until the gap is minimized and/or removed. 
USP # 6,239,705 (May 29, 2001), Intra-Oral Electronic Tracking Device
Abstract: An improved stealthy, non-surgical, biocompatable electronic tracking device is provided in which a housing is placed intraorally. The housing contains microcircuitry. The microcircuitry comprises a receiver, a passive mode to active mode activator, a signal decoder for determining positional fix, a transmitter, an antenna, and a power supply. Upon receiving a coded activating signal, the positional fix signal decoder is energized, determining a positional fix. The transmitter subsequently transmits through the antenna a homing signal to be received by a remote locator. 

USP # 6,091,994 (July 18, 2000), Pulsative Manipulation of Nervous Systems
Abstract: Method and apparatus for manipulating the nervous system by imparting subliminal pulsative cooling to the subject's skin at a frequency that is suitable for the excitation of a sensory resonance. At present, two major sensory resonances are known, with frequencies near 1/2 Hz and 2.4 Hz. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance causes relaxation, sleepiness, ptosis of the eyelids, a tonic smile, a "knot" in the stomach, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise frequency used. The 2.4 Hz resonance causes the slowing of certain cortical activities. 
USP # 6,052,336 (April 18, 2000), Apparatus and Method of Broadcasting Audible Sound Using Ultrasonic Sound as a Carrier
Abstract: An ultrasonic sound source broadcasts an ultrasonic signal which is amplitude and/or frequency modulated with an information input signal originating from an information input source. The modulated signal, which may be amplified, is then broadcast via a projector unit, whereupon an individual or group of individuals located in the broadcast region detect the audible sound. 
USP # 5,539,705 (July 23, 1996), Ultrasonic Speech Translator and Communications System
Abstract: A wireless communication system, undetectable by radio-frequency methods, for converting audio signals, including human voice, to electronic signals in the ultrasonic frequency range, transmitting the ultrasonic signal by way of acoustic pressure waves across a carrier medium, including gases, liquids and solids, and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustic pressure waves back to the original audio signal. This invention was made with government support under Contract DE-ACO5-840R2l400, awarded by the US Department of Energy to Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. 
USP # 5,507,291 (April 16, 1996), Method and an Associated Apparatus for Remotely Determining Information as to Person's Emotional State
Abstract: In a method for remotely determining information relating to a person's emotional state, an waveform energy having a predetermined frequency and a predetermined intensity is generated and wirelessly transmitted towards a remotely located subject. Waveform energy emitted from the subject is detected and automatically analyzed to derive information relating to the individual's emotional state. 

USP # 5,159,703 (October 27, 1992), Silent Subliminal Presentation System
Abstract: A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain. 

USP # 5,017,143 (May 21, 1991), Method and Apparatus for Producing Subliminal Images
Abstract: A method and apparatus to produce more effective visual subliminal communications. Graphic and/or text images, presented for durations of less than a video frame, at organized rhythmic intervals, the rhythmic intervals intended to affect user receptivity, moods or behavior. 

USP # 4,877,027 (October 31, 1989), Hearing System
Abstract: Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of 10 to 20 uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated. 

USP # 3,951,134 (April 20, 1976), Apparatus & Method for Remotely Monitoring & Altering Brain Waves
Abstract: Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject's brain waves. The interference waveform ... is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein. 

Note: To see many other patents dealing with subliminal behavior modification and manipulation, click here. The last patent above describing the ability to remotely effect a desired change in the brain is from 1976. Most of this research is kept secret or even top secret for "national security" reasons. Secret research labs are usually at least 10 years in advance of anything available to the public. Could it be that certain groups now have the ability to project voices into people's heads? For a Washington Post article with astounding information on this phenomenon, click here. Let us work together so that these technologies are use not for political and profit purposes, but rather for the good of humanity.

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