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UFO Related X-Files To Be Released For The First Time

As per the reports, the officials are, for the first time, releasing the details and images of the UFOs that were reportedly spotted by the terrified members of the British republic.

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The RAF operated a UFO unit for over five decades but decided to close it down in 2009 after it achieved none of the reports addressed in submitted evidence of a possible threat.
Earlier, records from the unit were presented to the National Archives. These were often originally listed before being published after a particular number of years.
But the most current reports obtained by the RAF will be put online. The PA news agency decided to reveal the details after a Freedom of Information Act request was filed.
Members of the public reporting claimed that UFO sightings are now delivered to their regional police force. A spokesman for the RAF reported, “It had been estimated that it would be better to announce these records, rather than continue giving documents to the National Archives, and so they seem to put them on to a dedicated government’s web page.”
An approval process for the documents is presently underway before publication, which is supposed to take place anytime within the first quarter of 2020.
In reply to the FOI request, the RAF reported the files it handled as comprising entirely of its communication with members of the public”.
The spokesperson further added, “The MoD has no idea on the presence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life and does not review UFO reports.”

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Nick Pope

Nick Pope used to study reports of UFO sightings for the MoD. He embraced this move.
He said in a  statement, “Given the huge public interest in this subject, I am satisfied that these files will be published and made accessible online.”
He further said, “The MoD has earlier alleged that all the files have been published. It was done only to find additional ones. So this newest move is obliged to begin a few conspiracy theories.
When I served on the MoD’s ‘UFO desk’ we did not find reliable evidence of alien life, but there were so many unusual and unexplained sightings that we did not completely rule it out.”
I am happy the public are to be given further insights into our job on these real-life X-Files.”
In other data, a researcher alleged that previously this month that the revelation of alien life was not only necessary but also expected.

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