sabato 7 aprile 2018

Area 51 Scientist’s Deathbed Confession - Boyd Bushman !!!

Boyd Bushman (Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist), who died Aug. 7, 2014 revealed in a filmed interview before his death what he says is information about, and photos of, aliens and alien spacecraft he obtained as a senior scientist at Lockheed Martin. U.S. patents filed by Boyd Bushman include mention of his work at Lockheed Martin, a prominent technology contractor for the U.S. government, supporting to some degree his identification as a former employee. His designs include a system to detect aircraft or missile exhaust plumes, a metal detection system, and an apparatus for detecting radiation. Actual Document shown to David Sereda in 2008 by Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman showing the first reverse engineered craft from Roswell craft that 1st flew in the late 50′s! The interview was uploaded to YouTube by Mark Q. Patterson, whom the New York Daily News identifies as an independent aerospace engineer. During the interview, Bushman said that he had top-secret clearance. He showed photos purportedly taken of aliens and he described the aliens. These aliens are from Quintonia (spelled phonetically from the video), he said, which is 68 light years from Earth. Bushman said it should take at least 68,000 years to travel to Quintonia if a spacecraft cannot go faster than the speed of light, as Albert Einstein decreed. These aliens, however, were able to make the trip in 45 minutes, Bushman said. [..] certainly, Bushman believed in what he was saying. As long ago as 2008 he passed a polygraph test, during which he claimed he had worked on anti-gravity projects, alien technologies and had even met and photographed an alien, and examined at least eight different types of alien spacecraft.”—Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual Any donation's are welcome big or small, Thankyou. - Please check out this fantastic book its a MUST read - Earth's Top Predator - The Reptilians - Also check out this fantastic book - Donald Marshall Revolution - Reptilians, Clones, Aliens - Are you sick of eating the same old food this ebook should help you with ideas - Googles Most Searched Recipes !!! - Amazon Audible Free 30 Day Trial -

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