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13 UFO Sightings Reported In CT During 2018 So Far

Did you see any of these "UFOs?"

13 UFO Sightings Reported In CT During 2018 So Far

A total of 13 Connecticut UFO sightings were reported to the National UFO Reporting Center. There were more than 80 sightings reported during 2017.
The most recent report was made March 29 regarding a March 26 sighting that lasted 10 minutes in Ridgefield.
Late afternoon Ridgefield, CT, single shining light orb flew right across sky then back split into 3 orbs. Looked like something larger was behind it. Was in broad daylight 10 minutes and left.
Sightings were reported in Ridgefield, Winsted, Watertown, Bridgeport, Hebron, Fairfield, Lebanon, Southbury-Watertown, North Haven, Danbury, Coventry-Bolton and Meriden so far this year.
Now, not everyone who reports a UFO claims that it belongs to aliens from outer space. One person reported seeing an "odd oval shaped white object" from I-84 in Southbury that left no contrail.
...It could have been a plane flying at a lower altitude and just seemed more white because of the sun reflecting off it. I see planes flying all the time in the morning though and this one just looked out of place. I eventually lose sight of it and couldn't find it again. I have no picture or recording of the event because I was on the highway and don't use my phone while driving. I'm just curious if anyone! else reported anything similar considering the path it took.
The NUFORC remarked on a Fairfield sighting that it was possibly the star Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky visible from Earth.
One reporter claimed to see a red craft Jan. 20 in Danbury
Red craft moved extremely quickly in night sky.
Metallic craft with red light hovered above I-84 and darted quickly, then took off extremely rapidly
Another reported claimed to see three UFOs on March 24 in Winsted.
My friend and I saw 3 different UFO's, the most noticeable was a blue one that interacted with headlight flashes.
I was Skywatching at Highland Lake with a friend of mine around 8:15PM. I was still enroute to the lake when I got the sudden urge to speed up a little as if I was going to miss something. We turned a corner to face the lake, when we saw a bright white light above the mountain line. As I drove closer to the lake, it disappeared. That was sighting #1.
Sighting #2 was a tiny flashing green and red object, above the mountain line at a different location. That wasn't really anything too "special".
The 3rd UFO almost looked like a blue star, however, it moved rather oddly. It would go from one spot to another very very smoothly, and stop suddenly, yet smoothly. When zoomed in, it looked like a flying saucer that was angled at an almost 90 degree angle, as you'll see in the pictures. I was suggested to flash my high-beams in my vehicle, and when I did, the UFO moved very rapidly, although it was a short distance. This happened multiple times when I flashed my lights. Not once did it make any noise. We observed this UFO for about an hour before we decided to leave.
Rich Scinto, Patch Staff

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The NUFORC has existed since 1974 and investigates reported sightings around the world. There have been more than 90,000 reports made globally.
Check out all the sightings reported to the UFORC here.
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