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Flying saucer photographed over Houston, Texas 23-May-2015

flying saucer
Submitted by: Dana C.
Location: Down Town Houston, Texas
Date & Time: 5/23/2015 – 8:44pm
Witness report: I was at the downtown Houston skate park on Sabine St. with my family. We were leaving and the skyline looked really pretty and I wanted to take some pictures while I was outside (no glass of windows that could have reflected anything) at 8:44pm before I got into the car. I noticed what I thought was an airplane and another lighted blinking object and thought how it would add to my night time, lit up building photos. When I got it the car and looked at my photos I saw the object and quickly noticed it was an UFO that has been reported before by various people around the world. I looked back outside and it was gone. I looked to see if any objects were at the height of where the object was. Nothing. No street lights either. In the pictures you can see the object moved across and up. When I took the pictures, I stood in the same spot and the times of the photos (4), taken on my IPhone, are all within one minute at 8:44pm. I have tired to do some research and this object has been seen in Houston, Hong Kong and other various places.

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