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Your UFO reports: 18th April– 2nd May 2015

Sebastian, Florida – May 1,2015
Florida UFOsBright and hovering, slightly moving odd light white orange and yellow. Lasted 20 to 30 minutes and darted off in a split second
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Indian Trail NC – 4-30-2015 9:03pm
Not to sound silly but looked out my window and saw a bright like in the sky just remaining still. No sound. Then a second light appeared and then disappeared within like 30 seconds. Then the second one stared flying very slowly and then the bright light faded. I could still see a faint light. was still hovering. Then zoomed off. What the heck did I just see?
– – – – –
Jefferson City, MO – 26th April 2015
This is a video of a UFO siting in Jefferson City, MO at around 8:30 last night. My friend Megan Copeland and I were driving and saw it and we stumbled on Andrew who was video taping it and got a great video of it.
Youtube video link:
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Liverpool, UK – 26th April 2015
Liverpool UFOAt 6.30 pm A silver looking dot moving slowly across the sky in Liverpool…. I got my camera and telephoto lens out and took some photos. The photos just show a small dot, so I zoomed in and these photos are the result.
– – – – –
Montreal, Canada – 2015-04-26 22h20
me and my girlfriend saw it…. white spot…..with some kind of green light like lasers geting out of the with spot…. was there for about 5 minutes ….. and then, no more laser… the spot was staying there, but the with spot light was lowing, to turn orange, and disapear ….
– – – – –
Denmark, Western Australia – 26/4/2015
I am a truck driver, I was driving along Denmark-mount barker rd at around 3:20am and I was searching for a radio station on the radio, it had found one but all of a sudden continued. I looked at the radio to see what was going on, then when I looked up I was just going past a street sign warning of kangaroos. Standing directly beside the sign I swear I seen something standing there with thin arm and legs, around 4 and a half foot tall with a rounded head, it had no hair or clothing and was grey all over. Needless to say I did not stop! I got out of there fast and turned the radio off completely.
– – – – –
Coney Island Boardwalk – April 26,2015
UFOs and planesRound shiny object between sun and airplanes
– – – – –
Longview TX – 4/25/15
This was the most active night for UFOs of 2015 so far, I saw as many as a dozen craft flying quietly above our town. A large variety as well including Orbs, mantas, Triangles and many other strange types.
– – – – –
Berkhamsted, UK – 20th April 2015
I would like to report a UFO sighting on Monday 20 April at 5 pm Recreation Ground Berkhamsted UK.
I looked to the sky and I.saw a horizontal orb cylinder passing overhead.  It was not a plane, there were no trails.  It  overhead, it reflected the  rays pasunsand then it faded out into the clouds.
I have also seen a bright orb twinkling in the middle of clouds some weeks ago in Bournemouth UK.
– – – – –
British Columbia, Canada – Saturday April 18 2015
I was just leaving the house to go get my daughter from work. My husband was outside with the dog. He was looking at the sky so I asked him what he was looking at and he mentioned that something strange just happened. He showed me this thing he was looking at which was now flying behind our house. I laughed and said it looks like a bird. He said it wasn’t a bird and showed me where it came which was close to a Mountain. He said it was extremely bright with lights and was traveling really fast. As it all of a sudden became close to him all the lights went out and he said it was a round disk like object.
Later that same evening around 11:30 pm I was out on my back porch having a cigarette and I seen the same thing he had described to me earlier. I called my husband to come have a look at this. Only this time there were 3 of them traveling together bright lights and all. We quickly grabbed our cell phone and tried to snap pictures but they didn’t turn out well. I live in British Columbia Canada
– – – – –
Bloomington I – llinois – March 2 2014
Illinois UFOI got out and look for ufos quite often.  It was about 3 or 8 pm. Had just got dark . I sat out in front of my house looking south.  I was not there over five minutes and three white orbs was coming a me. It was like a triangle shape. I had gloves on and had to take them off to operated my camera . It was only about 100 ft altitude as it came across my side of the street I held my camera up, then this long orange line lit up from front to back. I snapped the photo as it was going over my roof . There was no noise, not even a hum. I ran away from the house to see over it and there was nothing there. If it was  all orbs went off.  The photo shows the front point of my house right before it went over the roof
– – – – –
Location secret for now! – Sat.21.feb.2015.
This is no.2,of 3 alien Celestial Rainbow Starships,filmed sat.21.feb.2015.This was 2mls.,away,20-25,000ft.,alt.,and a pink scout craft hovered at angle,70-100ft.,above.See my vid.with 259 more,some multiple on,youtube,my channel,Robert Newton,MVI_5990. ,or if censored,scroll to url.I have lot’s more film!
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California – 2009
My clips of something filmed in 2009 onwards, reupped in 2011 after I saw “giftmitch”‘s video on youtube of similar objects above California – bits of my ufo – or whatever it was –  in this video – im in Bournemouth UK. The object was above my home when I spotted + began filming it in 2009 until 18 months later when it went. Always geostationary, I filmed it in daylight too and am trying to find the clip. My video = – has clips from the ex-youtube user “giftmitch”, with my clip of the similar object – ending with clips from the “STAR SIGN” site “Share International, who supposedly are heralding the Maitreya star sign globally, with Benjamin Crème. Please use if you wish.
– – – – –
N. Coast Hwy 101 / Glaucus St. – 3am June 29 1977
Had just left a local 7-11 where a friend of mine worked named Ted. Two cops came in as I was leaving. Walking home along hwy 101, I was looking over my left shoulder at the progress of a hotel being framed in and how tall it was. Looking away, a like area caught the corner of my eye that at first I thought was a bird flying at night. Turning for a better look, it was a huge saucer going silently north only a few hundred feet above the houses along Neptune Ave which parallels the beach. As it was partially cloudy, the clouds then obscured it going north. I thought WOW! Did I really just see that? Then as it continued north passing through the cloud it re-emerged. “YEP! There it is again!” It looked like stainless steel with a curved underside. Appeared to have dark windows around its perimeter. There were ligths on it and my first impression was “That’s dumb to have lights on something like that if you don’t want to be seen”. I also had an overwhelming desire to BE ON IT! I ran to
the nearest phone booth (we had them back then), called Ted and said “Are those cops still there?” Yes, Fred he said. “Put em on! I just saw a flying saucer!!” “I don’t think so, Fred” and hung up. Oh well, I had to tell someone.
– – – – –
Scotland – 1972
I am 69 years old. I witnessed a UFO over Holy Loch, Scotland in late September 1972. It was a pinkish shiny color, that moved without a con trail, then accelerated away at terrific speed. I almost drove into the river! There were several sightings reported, but no one claimed any aircraft, satelleite or weather balloons. I saw this in broad daylight in a cloudless blue sky and bright sunshine.


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