martedì 12 maggio 2015

UFO snapped over outback by serial spotter after he had 'gut feeling' about alien sighting

A 'UFO' has been photographed flying over an outback 'hotspot' in broad daylight.


The UFO spotter claims to have photographed this above his home after getting 'a feeling'
Alan Ferguson, who had a 'feeling in his gut' the object was coming, said it is one of many he has snapped over his home.
He said the disk-shaped object he photographed on  was the 'real deal' and one of the best he has taken since he began seeing them in 2008.
Mr Ferguson said he felt an “urge” to run outside his home in the Australian outbreak and take his camera just before 10am on Saturday.
Speaking to NT News about the alleged UFO image, he said: “You can see a little shiny bit on the top. 
"The browny, reddish tinge. It might be the sun reflecting off the top. As I said, it was involved.
"You’ve got to have the camera on fast-speed, continuous shoot. That way you are guaranteed to get them. They are that fast.
“I just took it - yep, no worries, that was it - then I headed off to the pub.
“I showed a few people there and they said ‘Gee, that’s heavy. What’s that’?”
Another UFO Ferguson says he captured in 2008
Outback UFO spotter Alan Ferguson gets another gut feeling
Another he snapped in 2009
You get the urge in your guts and it just controls you. You just walk outside and nine times out of 10, they are there. It’s as easy as that.
Alan Ferguson, UFO spotter, of Acacia Hills, Darwin, NT, Australia
“I think the metallic balloon one that I took years ago, that was the best.” 
Mr Ferguson took the shot in Acacia Hills, about 30 miles south of Darwin in Australia's Northern territory.
He said he believes UFOs have started visiting the 'Top End' of the country during the dry season which has just begun.
Mr Ferguson said UFOs often appear in the area.
In 2009 Mr Ferguson gained worldwide attention when he claimed UFOs were regularly flying in the Australian outbreak and took a picture of an alleged alien sighting.
Later the same year he caught a UFO on film for the first time in a moment described by some as the “biggest day in Northern Territory history”.
He has since become an online sensation through his website - - where he has attracted thousands of loyal followers.
He claims to get a “gut feeling” when UFOs are in the area.
He said: “I’m not the only one. I’ve got a whole lot of, I’ll call them friends. We get the same feeling.
“You get the urge in your guts and it just controls you. You just walk outside and nine times out of 10, they are there. It’s as easy as that.
“For the mere mortals? Suck eggs. We’re lucky that we have the ability to get them.
“If I was to tell you the whole thing that goes on it would blow your mind, but I can’t. I just can’t.
“It’s just a connection. When you get the urge you just go outside and bingo. They still let me know."


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