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Roswell UFO Crash Slides Finally Here UPDATE

Original article date: 7th May 2015
ET enthusiasts have long been preparing for the big revelation of the controversial Roswell Slides for the first time.
The highly-contested photographs were allegedly snapped by geologist Bernard A. Ray on a Kodachrome film, which prove the remains of an extraterrestrial recovered dead in New Mexico.
Despite dozens of testimonies from locals and experts, the incident has been generally considered fake. UFO investigator Anthony Bragalia has been making a tremendous effort to find evidence of the authenticity of the incident for many years.
Bragalia claims the creature in the slides isn’t a terrestrial being. On his blog, he revealed that professionals from different disciplines who examined the slides closely agree seeing a small humanoid creature and formerly a living thing that isn’t a prop or genetically defective human.
Bragalia explained that the humanoid wasn’t a deformed person, dummy, mummy, simian or dead serviceman. He added that what is shown in the slides is an actual moment in time in 1947. He said science admitted that there are real slides from that year.
Jaime Maussan alienChase Brandon, a CIA agent for 35 years, believes the evidence revealed on May 5 is worth it. Brandon said that he first saw the slides in a vaulted area, particularly in a box labelled as Roswell.
The so-called Roswell Slides were publicly released at an exclusive live-streamed event in National Auditorium of Mexico City, showing an apparent ET body recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Popular Mexican television program Tercer Milenio (with Jaime Maussan) organized the event that attracted world attention.
The slides show an alien-looking body lying horizontally on a glass shelf. The alleged ET body is approximately 4 feet tall, with large eyes, small mouth, enlarged skull, thin arms, legs and torsos. The pictures seem to suggest that they were taken after an autopsy since the internal organs have been removed.
Several medical and photographic experts were present at the event, including former Canadian forensic and academic pathology consultant of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dr. Richard Doble. He said the photo seems to show a deformed human at first glance but after a closer examination he clearly saw that it has only four pairs of ribs instead of 12 in a normal human being. He added that the hands and feet bone structures were very different to a human.
Photographic and medical experts are convinced that the photos are genuine. The list of experts was presented at the Mexico City event and it included photographic analysis expert Dr. David Rudiak, computer enhancement specialist Dr. Donald Burleson, material expert of the Studio MacBeth Ray Dowing, Col. Jeffrey Tau of Pentagon’s Photo Interpretation Department, and former Director of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography Prof. Rod Slemmons.

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