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There was an allegation that former U.S. President John F. Kennedy meant to give a speech on Extraterrestrials and UFO. Although this speech is difficult to confirm, there is an audio recording regarding his speech and after that speech the respondents appear to be seeking more information on Extraterrestrials and their technology.
JFK 220x300 Alleged Speech Coming From John F. Kennedy On ExtraterrestrialsOne of the respondents Dr. Michael Salla claimed that elite group has wanted to create connections with specific races of Extraterrestrials that are not intended for human sovereignty.

In his alleged speech, Kennedy spoke about the journey of mankind and that the new age will begin. It is noted in the speech that mankind is not alone and God created another beings in the Universe who are intelligent just like humans.
Kennedy cites the incident in 1947 where U.S. military forces found the remains of an aircraft of unknown origin at dry desert in New Mexico. It is noted in the speech that the aircraft was coming from outer space and the government is making contact with makers of the spacecraft.
It is described in the speech that those beings are not harmful to human beings and instead they promise to help the U.S. to overcome common enemies of all mankind. Kennedy asked the people to look at the future with courage to achieve true peace on Earth and prosperity for all mankind. (c) 2011

Video: Kennedy’s Secret Societies Speech and UFO Disclosure Plans
JFK’s Secret Societies speech followed by first-hand witnesses, Lt. Col. Phillip Corso and Air Force One Airman William Holden. Kennedy’s knowledge of the ET presence is discussed by these witnesses.

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