mercoledì 19 marzo 2014

A Woman Photographs Falling UFO Over Gloucester in South West England

Along with the amazing sunset, a Gloucester news in South West England features an unidentified object falling from the skies. Sarah-Jane Stanley was walking with her daughter outside under a beautiful sunset when they noticed the mysterious object. She had a camera with her so, she grabbed it and managed to capture 15 photos of the strange sighting.

She said that she clearly saw something on a downward motion from the sky. She further noticed on her camera lens on full zoom that the object seems spinning and glowing. She said that it looks like glowing claw.

Stanley sent the pictures to MET office to let them examine by meteorologists. They told her that they could not tell exactly what is in the pictures but whatever it is, it is not weather related. They suggested that it could be something from space that entered the atmosphere. They referred Stanley to Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Similar sightings have been reported in the area, others seemingly identified while others are not. One notable sighting that remains a mystery is a mysterious trail pictured over Beaverton, Oregon. Many people reported it to Fox station along with its photos. One of its viewers said that the object’s trail started to spread out as it continued down.


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