mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Astonishing! UFOs Recorded In Airplane Turbulence During Lightning Storm! 01/09/2015

This UFO video was recorded during a flight on it's way to Europe from the US. The person recording the video was filming the storm as announcements came in, for all passengers to buckle seat-belts. You can see the lightning in the video as we highlight it for you. After the lightning appears, we can see what appears to be two separate UFOs come together as one UFO. We do not think this UFO event is ball lighting based on the color & behavior of the object/objects. Hopefully, you can form a clear opinion on what this can be when we analyze the footage. This video is very interesting and we are happy we can share this exclusive video with you!

We welcome contact with several UFO enthusiasts from around the world, so that we may gather more further data on each UFO sighting. While many people are skeptical when it comes to the topic of UFOs, we really believe they exist, and we want to keep spreading UFO awareness. If you have any original UFO sightings caught on video, feel free to simply add a youtube video link in the comments section below. We review many UFO sightings sent in to us every week. We want to bring the most interesting UFO videos to the public right here first.

We put every UFO video we want under intense scrutiny and close analysis before releasing them to you. If someone is telling you that a certain video is fake, and you feel the UFO video is real, please do not be influenced by anyone. You decide for yourself. We encourage you to formulate your own opinions on the subject of Ufology. We want to continue to build a UFO community that is positive in our never ending quest for possible Disclosure. We are happy to present this UFO sighting to you for the very first time here on LookNowTV. As always, you decide. Thank you for watching and sharing!

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