giovedì 22 gennaio 2015

UFO Disclosure Advocate to Play a Major Role in Hillary Clinton’s Election Campaign 

An advocate for freedom of information, John Podesta has said that it’s time for a full disclosure of everything, including the existence of space aliens. The Wall Street Journal said John Podesta, who serves as a senior White House aide, may resign and join the election campaign of Hillary Clinton.
Mr. Podesta’s role in a Clinton campaign remains unclear, the Journal reported. People with inside access to the discussions said he likely would get the role of a campaign chairman should Hillary decide to run. Podesta would be an impressive Clinton’s asset given his political and social learning.
In 2013, Podesta called Republicans “Killer Cultists” when he referred congressional Republicans the Jonestown cultists who left more than nine hundred people dead and committed mass suicide in 1978. He said that they should focus on executive action because they would likely face a second term against a cult with similarity of Jonestown taking charge in one of the houses of Congress. Republicans got furious, and Podesta eventually issued an apology through Twitter.
UFO and extraterrestrial enthusiasts will be most interested in Podesta’s suggestion that authorities should impart their knowledge about extraterrestrials to the public if they have any proof. Speaking at a press conference in 2002, he asked the U.S. government to declassify any UFO information. He also composed the foreword to the book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record,” published in 2010.
He wrote that the time to disclose UFO subject is long overdue. If Podesta is faithful to his words and if he’s in a position of power, Steve Bassett’s petition requesting for disclosure might not be needed anymore as disclosure may just come naturally.
In the U.S. history, no female has become president, and if human rights and equality advocate Hillary Clinton make it to the Presidential Office with Podesta at her side, people could expect full disclosure.

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