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Your UFO reports: 17th January – 24th January 2015

Tampa, FL – 1-25-2015
Florida-ufoi was taking photos of planes and birds and captured a disk gray moving upward
Casper, Wyoming – 01/25/2015
Cigar Shape appeared out of no where approx.  3 to 4 inches from bottom left side of moon traveling at extremely high rate leaving solid trail 7 inches or so before disapearing again
County Durham, Cherry Park, UK – 25.1.15
flying-saucerIt was hovering over my house…
Greyish silver with patterns that look like writing like the roswell insident very similar . Ive once saw the same one earlier this month but then it was about a mile away and it looked like an areoplane.
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – 17th January 2015
At 9:55pm – My niece’s boyfriend was the first to walk out of the restaurant while I followed behind when suddenly he stopped and looked up to the sky.  I was wondering what he was looking at.
He pointed the bright light to me “see that star?  it is very bright?”
I agreed “it is a very bright star”.
He said “that must be a satellite!”
I disagreed and told him “no, it’s too close to be a satellite!”
We looked at each other and I quickly reached for my Canon PowerShot SX200 IS and took the photos.
IMG_3895/c – original photos – 1st of the distance, 2nd cropped
IMG_3897c – cropped with 2 objects (one moving away from another)
IMG_3900c – cropped … by then I missed 2 minutes when trying to use my 48 optical zoom … compare to IMG_3895c the colours are different.
Moresby-ufo-1 Moresby-ufo-2

San Jeronimo, Antiquia, Colombia – January 4/15
Colombia-ufowas probing to take some clouds photos with a sony cyber-shot digital camera. After open then in the computer find a curious dot who became a cigar shape object surrounded by some´´ dark dots´´ when enlargement applied.What do you think about
Cardiff Wales, UK – 02/01/2015
i think this could be a triangle ufo looks very big


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