venerdì 23 gennaio 2015


Just a few days ago we learned that in Guatemala, local media reported the news of the sighting of a fleet of light spheres sighted January 1, 2015. The report of this sighting comes from some citizens who had witnessed the phenomenon and a witness is able to shoot with your camera, a video of a few minutes you can see precisely where dozens of white dots across the sky of Mixco. In fact, the footage was later analyzed by the experts, who after many investigations, have come to understand that those objects spotted and taken January 1, 2015, were not balloons but a veritable fleet of UFOs, flying over Central Park in Mixco , second largest city of Guatemala. The scene took place in daylight, as evidenced by the video and objects taken are many and various sizes. Watch the video released by You Tube channel "Mundo Ovni".

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