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Your UFO reports: 10th January – 17th January 2015

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Avondale, AZ – 01/15/2015
Avondale UFOMy daughter was out for a walk and saw these lights behind the Avondale Civic Center over a farm field. She snapped the pic on her phone and I had her email it to me so I could share it. I have seen several weird ligts a couple of years ago to the south of us over the Estrella mountains. Not sure whatbthe heck these lights are.
Parallel on SE direction Lees Summit, Mo – 1/12/2015
large white/orange circle somewhat filled seemed to have a foggy tail with withis ball at end…then i large orange ball right underneath the other then small lights forming an outline of rectanular shape with orane front
Reservoir, Melbourne – 1/1/2015
something i caught after the fireworks finished on new years one by one they went across the sky then they stayed in a group then one by one they disappeared not sure what they would be i have a clip on youtube with a couple of still shots I’m not real good at video editing but would like to see some close ups of these you can check out my clip on youtube and if you want to have a go looking right over it i could send you the original clip to play with it.
I shot this vid with my phone
I also have other clips on youtube you could check them out to see what you think
Montréal region,Quebec,Canada – may 5, 2014
This is a link about a very special case me and my partners investigated last summer, we are part of a 15 yeras old UFO investigation group in Montréal, Québec Canada, called AQU. (association qubécoise d’ufologie). We made a video report of the case. You can watch the report at this link . English close captions are avaliable in setting of the Youtube viewer.
Sarcoxie, Missouri – July 2013
Missouri ufoI was taking pics of the clouds because I am an artist and I wanted to use this in a painting.
the first pic the UFO is above the cloud in the clear. The second, it gets closer, but toward the top of the cloud to the right there is a capsule type object. Third you can see it clearly.
Also where the sun is brightest there are circles with a black dot. They are everywhere in the cloud plus in the upper left corner. Using filters you can see a square type object coming out of the cloud to going to the right. This was Taken in Sarcoxie Missouri at 7:30 pm I have the exact date will post later.
Avondale, AZ – November 2012
Arizona ufoSince I just found your website and I posted a pic from tonight of weird lights iver a farm field behind our civic center I thought I would post another pic of lights I saw to the south of Avondale, AZ a couple of years ago. They stayed up in the sky for at least 10 minutes.  They also changed color from orange to green. Then dissapearing one at a time.  We live directly under the approach pattern for Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  I noticed at the time the lights were in the sky their were no aircraft flying over. Usually it is a constant thing every couple of minutes. I watched the news for 2 days after that night and never saw a report.

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