martedì 20 gennaio 2015

News NASA cuts off live stream just as UFO rises from planet Earth

Cape Town - UFO researchers are upset about rare footage of a grey unidentified flying object, or UFO, that was busy being recorded by NASA's live stream camera when the camera suddenly shut down. The video shows a UFO rising from the Earth's surface, where after NASA posts a message over the screen saying they are experiencing technical difficulties, and the footage goes dark

See how NASA Cuts Off Live Footage Just As a UFO Rises From Planet Earth here

The video was taken from a high definition camera mounted outside the space station, as part of a NASA experiment in generating HD images from space, which would be the clearest video images of our home planet ever produced, reports the Inquisitr.

Many watchers of the video have speculated that the grey image in the footage is in fact the Earth's moon as it appears from outside of our atmosphere.

Streetcap1, however, who posted the footage onto YouTube, believes the footage shows something extra-terrestrial. He writes in the description, "Please bear in mind that the moon appears white when it shows. There would be no point in me uploading a video of the moon."

Avid followers of NASA's high definition live stream commented on the video saying it's not a surprise that NASA cut the footage just as something is spotted in the distance.

Other interested onlookers have emailed NASA asking for an explanation of the UFO sighting and why the live video was suddenly cut off, but the space agency is yet to reply.

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