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Three UFOs Sighted During HD International Space Station Feed, NASA Abruptly Cuts Transmission

NASA has yet another UFO sighting that adds to its growing list of strange phenenoma and alleged extraterrestrial coverups, according to paranormal and conspiracy theorists, citing a BizTek Mojo report.
Recently, a video titled, “UFO Mysteries: UFOs, Angels Or Biological Creatures Seen Leaving The Earth?” made its way on YouTube. Reportedly, the footage is from an International Space Station camera (or ISS).
As seen in the video: While the floating lab orbits Earth, three fast-moving objects suddenly appear in succession, as if they launched from the planet. However, there is no information available of any scheduled space flights from any space program.
The UFOs converged and then sped off, but not before NASA abruptly ended live transmission. Suddenly, the feed cut to a broadcast message from the space agency that explains the interruption as a "loss of signal."
"Please stand by. The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station."
The user, Michael Clottey, appears convinced the three UFOs are authentic and proof of alien life in the Solar System and beyond.
"BINGO Caught them red-handed leaving earths orbit.  Thats the kind of proof that is needed.  Excellent footage, absolutely Fantastic.  One for the books.  Let the debunkers try and say it's space trash. I don't think there is anything they can say about this footage apart from just saying it is fake and just CGI hahaha.  Wow amazing stuff.  This must go viral."
Others remain skeptical of a UFO explanation. Some suggest flashing orbs are camera trickery or CGI at work. One person even thinks the unidentified objects near the ISS were weather balloons.
Similar to past protocols regarding UFO sightings, NASA has not commented on the latest accusations of a suspected covert program that possibly harbors alien life. Many say it's not what the agency says, but what it fails to communicate to the public. As a consequence, some say the three UFOs and others like them, are "proof" that officials are covering up extraterrestrial contact.
With the so-called Mars pyramid -- recently "discovered" by the Curiosity Rover -- fresh on the minds of stargazers, NASA may have a time explaining the three UFOs or anomalies.
Did the video above look convincing? Share your theory about what you think the footage shows?


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