giovedì 25 giugno 2015

What Neurologist Discovered With Alien Abductions Victims

People claiming to have been abducted by aliens are considered mentally delusional. However, as stories of alien abduction become more and more mainstream, it is hard to dismiss the credibility of these alien abduction witnesses. 

The idea of aliens has been discussed for many years now by different persons. There are many researchers exploring the existence of ancient aliens and whether they have already visited our planet or not.

Dr. Michael Russo 

When asked about the possible delusion, Neurologist Dr. Michael B. Russo claimed he didn’t know what to say to his patients who shared their abduction stories. He said that the majority of the doctors of his current patients sent them because the latter complained of primary headaches or some neurological problems. But their physicians didn’t have any idea about their abduction stories not until Dr. Russo asked them about the duration of the problem. As part of his examination, Dr. Russo used his dense array electroencephalography, or DEEG, a machine worth $200,000. The machine maps the electrical activity in the brains of his patients. Russo wondered if there are similarities to patients complaining about being abducted with regards to brain wave activity.
According to his examination, those patients claiming to have been abducted by aliens have shown abnormalities in their parietal lobe brain wave activity. The electrical brain wave activities of abductee patients are similar to patients who experienced traumatic brain injury. He tries to look at the experiences as different based from his patients’ point of view and works with them to alleviate their problem.
When performing DEEG tests, patients often ask the possibility of interpreting or reading transmitter. Russo confirmed that he couldn’t see the wire, but he can see the brain signals. Russo has experienced success using pharmacological therapies in alleviating the headache pains. Russo will share his findings, which co-authored with Shane Endicott, Ryan Nillo, Melba C. Stetz, and Judith Profant on their upcoming meeting at the Hawaii Convention Center.

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