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Mysterious Lights and Very Large Gust of Wind Observed On West Mifflin, Pennsylvania

A woman witnessed very unusual lights or objects in the sky that changed in size, shape and color over West Mifflin, Pennsylvania on February 19, 2014. She noticed the lights out of their window as they had been glaring and brightly moving across the sky. The bright UFOs were flying near the Allegheny airport in which the witness has been living for some years now. However, she has never witnessed anything like she had just observed.

The woman witness said that her boyfriend also saw the UFOs but went to sleep after. She elected to stay up till daybreak because she was so astonished by what she had been observing. She noted that the objects stay until in the morning when they descended and vanished into midair.

She was very intrigued about the UFOs in which she described they defy the laws of the physical world and she noted that all of them were moving without making a sound.

The witness further reported that the same objects appeared around the same time and place. She said that the objects can also be seen as lights that had morphed into several different shapes, sizes and colors.

Also reported by the witness was the underside of a very big black object that was triangular in shape with white and orange lights below it. She saw the structure moving very fast and going up in a tremendous speed, directly above their house. She observed the object to be nearly stealth-like but made no sounds at all.

Anther object was observed by the witness in which it had a white and orange bright color and saucer-like shape. This object moved faster than the other ones, the witness said. She added that it was faster than shooting stars and meteor showers she had seen before.

The witness also observed a very unusual noise coming out of the woods across their house during the last night of these anomalies. The sound was different from the sound of typical animals in the woods, the witness noted.

She heard a clicking sound with very high pitch, nearly similar to a dolphin. As the sound was getting louder, she observed a very large gust of wind that appeared from nowhere and disappeared as the strange sounds in the woods stopped.

The witness reported her sighting to MUFON PA in hopes to get in touch with others who have observed the same. She included 10 photographs in her report.

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