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Orb and Sphere from outer space that react to stimuli -1972/74

A weird, bright metal object was found on March 27, 1974 by members of the Betz family when they checked the damaged from a small brush fire near their property on Ft. George Island in Florida. The metallic object was quite heavy and similar to the size of a bowling ball. The family initially thought of a cannonball because of a long history of Spanish mission way back in the 16th century. Antoine and Jerri Betz, accompanied by their then 21-year-old son Terry, decided to take the mysterious metallic ball to their home.
Back in their home, when Terry was playing his guitar, the first incident of the family with the ball took place. According to the family, the ball resonated the music and moved around all by itself. When they put the ball on their table, it navigated on its own around the perimeter and managed not to fall.
Doors started slamming without any reason in the house and filled with organ music, even though no such music instrument around the resident. When Terry hit the ball with a metal object, the family members heard a ringing sound.
They also found the metallic object was sensitive to weather conditions where sunny days produced more activities than cloudy days. Infrared or direct heat seemed to have no effect on the object. When the family had enough, they contacted the media hoping that someone might explain the identity of the bizarre artifact.
betzThe photographer of Jacksonville Journal, Lou Egner, saw the ball turned by itself and rolled to the right around four feet. It stopped and then turned again, rolled to the left around eight feet. It then made a large arc and came right back to the photographer’s feet.
The media frenzy followed, and the family started to think about the possibility that they recovered an alien space probe. They then decided to subject the ball to a test, which was done by Dr. Carl Williston of Omega Minus One, a Louisiana-based institution at that time.
After approximately six hours of testing, Dr. Williston found three to four magnetic poles in the sphere. He said that magnetic field’s aspect was a mind bender, the field’s flux density seemed to vary in strength based on a strange pattern. In simple terms, the magnetic portion’s power changed up and down. Back in 1974, the phenomenon wasn’t part of physics.
The object was examined with an x-ray and Williston found out 3 similar spheroid shapes within the ball. These 3 identical shapes had a halo surrounding them. The metal can be compared to stainless steel but had unknown content, making it slightly different metal as we know it.
The Betz ball is nowhere to be found today. The ball faded together with its news. Where is the Betz ball today? No news about the family as well. Is it still possible to contact them? No one can tell their exact location.

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