lunedì 8 giugno 2015

Amazing Celestial UFO Activity! "LEGIONS OF LIGHT" Skywatch&Summoning 5-24-15

Our San Diego "LEGIONS OF LIGHT" UFO Skywatch&Summoning~** event conducted on Sunday Evening 5/24/15 in the Mt Laguna area of San Diego Mountains!
( Night Vision Camera (inadvertently)"Shut down&Stopped" just after the 2nd Amazingly Brilliant Celestial Burst of Ethereal Light&Energies, but our Elated Group witnessed 3rd(Trinity) Brilliant Celestial Burst before the Benevolent Cosmic Craft zipped away~***)
The Celestial Cosmic activity began early with incredible low altitude Visitation Flyovers of Ethereal/Cosmic Light Ships, which were as Close and clear as anyone could have ever believed…the Flyover/Sightings came from every direction and altitude with Celestial/Cosmic Crafts that left most everyone speechless, including (our Friend&Volunteer)Dina Sandoval who was surprised by the amount of Celestial activity, and spotted many of them...and within this video are only a few of the 25-to-30 Celestial Objects witnessed during this Amazing 2-Hr Skywatch&Telepathic Summoning…
For it's not really where, but whom is Telepathically Summoning and Attracting the Spiritual/Cosmic Celestial activity at most Skywatch events...for we Honor and Bless "ALL" whom are Awakening and Enlightening the Collective Planetary Masses thru higher Truths&Realities!
Notice and Listen to the Excitement, Joy and Elation of our Skywatchers who were thrilled by many of the brilliant Celestial Cosmic Crafts&Ships that passed over our Heads during this very active Skywatch&Summoning...which we hope repeated again, towards the end of June, just after our San Diego UFO Society Lecture series, for another ((("San Diego "LEGIONS OF LIGHT" UFO Skywatch")))…!!! Date&Time coming soon! FaceBook Page:
True Contact, the E.Ts Speak unto Humanity: (cannot be opened on Cell Networks/only on internet Computers networks!)

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