venerdì 5 giugno 2015

UFO 'Saucer Shaped' Caught Hovering Above A Temple In China

'Saucer-shaped' UFO caught on camera a temple in China

'Saucer-shaped' UFO caught on camera hovering above a temple in China in the Anhui province.

Chinese monks spot spooky 'UFO' hovering over their monastery... and it changes shape from an apple to a Buddha

Surveillance footage from temple in Anhui shows bright glowing object

Object hovers in the sky for seven minutes, continuously changing shape

Monks say they were alerted when UFO set off security alarms
A meteorological expert has ruled out ball lightning and says it may have been a bug flying close to the camera

Chinese monks have spotted a mysterious flying object in the grounds of their monastery captured on surveillance footage.

The video shows a glowing object shift from the shape of an apple to that of a flying saucer, and at one point even resembles a sitting Buddha.

Monks said that they were alerted to the UFO when it flew into the hall of the temple in Anhui province, setting off security alarms on Friday night, reported People's Daily Online.

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