mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

UFO Sighting Pass Christian, Mississippi 021212.MOD

Caricato da in data 12/feb/2012

This was taken after we had seen what look like a craft that look like it was landing inland somehwre we tried to stop the car intime to get it has it seem to hover and slowly move towards the grown then it blink out well when we did get the car stop we got this one doing the same thing over the gulf it sat there for 3 r 4 mins before i started filming it we also check to see if there was any air craft fly at that time and that low there was none so check it out let us know. What you think?

Commento di Oliviero Mannucci: io penso che sia un aereo visto di fronte in lontanza con i fari accesi.

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