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ALIENS: Derby meeting speaker Mark Bennett says extraterrestrial beings will land on Earth

ALIENS are here – but do not be afraid, they are here to help us.
That is the message Mark Bennett – international director of the Aetherius Society, a spiritual religion with members worldwide – will bring to Derby this weekend.
You may think him to be crazy but consider this: he is a University of Cambridge graduate with a first-class degree – and critics describe him as an "uplifting, dynamic speaker". He is clearly well-educated, so we thought we would speak to him ahead of his talk at the Friends' Meeting House in St Helens Street on Saturday.
I began by asking him to elaborate on the talk's title: "UFOs are here to save the earth."

Mark said: "There are thousands of people around the world – who are reliable witnesses – who have seen intelligently-moved crafts in the skies.
"We believe theses crafts – or at least one of them – are here to help humanity.
"We believe there are good and bad aliens in the universe and that the good ones have saved us from the bad ones. Had they not done so, life as we know it today would not exist."
Mark says this information comes from Dr George King – an English yoga master who claimed he had contact with aliens from Venus and Mars in the 1950s.
According to Mark, Dr King devoted himself to yoga for up to ten hours a day and this "raised his consciousness", enabling him to communicate with aliens.
Mark said: "One day, in May 1954, George was doing the dishes when he heard a voice. This was a physical sound outside of himself, not in his head. He knew this because yoga helps you distinguish what is real and what is illusion. The voice told him he was to become the voice of inter-planetary parliament. He didn't know what that meant, but he went on to be able to communicate with extraterrestrial.
"One way he did this was to enter a deep trance state so they could send a thought beam to him, which he received through a psychic centre. These are called transmissions and George could translate them into English.
"George then shared these messages with the world."
Mark said these messages gave the Earth "the most deepest and profound philosophy" and that it would take "hours" to explain their content and meaning.
But he did offer a flavour of what the messages were.
He said: "In essence, the messages explained that we have to be of service to one another and have to recognise the world's place in the cosmos [the universe]. They also taught us that the world beneath our feet is a goddess, which is far more spiritual than the rest of us put together."
So, why should we believe what Dr George King said?
"That would be the first reaction of most people," Mark admitted. "We must all come to our own conclusion on whether George King was telling the truth or if he was mad or lying.
"But I would say this – it would be extraordinary for a mad man or a liar to come up with such a complex philosophy that actually makes sense on every level. I don't think anyone could make it up."
It became apparent during our conversation that Mark had a quick answer to every question.
The next one challenged him to explain why aliens had not made themselves known to people on Earth. Surely they would if they were here to help?
Mark answered: "They have made physical contact. What there has not been is any contact for the world to see – such as a video.
"The reason for that is they are only allowed to help us to a certain extreme. If it was up to them, they would land tomorrow and make themselves known – but they obey completely the law of Karma.
"Karma is misunderstood. It is not a punisher, it is a teacher. It is a natural force that is an essential part of the universe.
"If they went against Karma, they would suffer some kind of limitation. They have great freedom to travel the galaxy and beyond, although I don't know how far they can travel. If they disobeyed Karma, they would lose some of that power."
So why does Karma not permit the aliens to make themselves known to the whole world?
Mark said: "It is like the relationship between a mother and a child.
"If a child is doing homework, the parent can help but should not do the homework for the child.
"If extraterrestrial were to land here openly and solve our problems for us – which they could do – we would not learn."
And the lessons we need to learn?
"We have to grow up by ourselves and stop all the nonsense. It's things like greed and violence – all the horrors in the world."
It's fair to say most of us would welcome that world. But how can aliens help us?
It is here where Mark backtracked and claimed aliens WILL be making themselves known to all of mankind after all – but not yet.
He said: "I can tell you exactly what will happen. There will come a day when there will be a landing of extraterrestrial being. When this happens, this intelligence will prove itself completely.
"From this point on, those people on earth who do not wish to build a better place will not be killed, but when they die naturally they will no longer reincarnate on this planet.
"Instead, they will reincarnate on another younger planet where they will learn the lessons that will take them through many, many lives.
"Those who remain on earth and are reincarnated here will no longer be impeded by warmongers."
What do these aliens look like?
"Some look like us," Mark said. "They do not look like E.T. – they take different forms. They have full control over matter. They can change their appearance at will.
"There have been some recorded encounters where they looked much like us, although taller and more ageless. But yes, they have arms and legs. What they look like on other planets, I don't know."
Mark said he was "perfectly aware of how strange" his beliefs sound, which is why he wants people to attend his talk. He said: "I wouldn't expect anyone to take what I say on face value. But I'd invite people to come along with an open mind."

 Paul Whyatt


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