sabato 25 ottobre 2014

Cigar Shaped UFO Appears In Lightening Storm On Car Dash Camera Footage October 2014

This video features a Cigar Shaped UFO recorded from a car dash camera. The person who submitted this video was driving during a lightening storm in California, 2014. They wanted wanted to review the footage to see if the beautiful lightening was captured on video. They mentioned that this UFO was an unexpected surprise and they immediately submitted the video to us. In this video you can clearly see what looks to be a Cigar shaped UFO hovering in the sky. You can only see the Cigar Shaped UFO when the lightening reveals it. This is an amazing coincidence, because in our UFO archive, we presented a UFO video from another case during a lightening storm at night. Are UFOs flying in the dark skies often without us knowing about it? Do they avoid all detection from radar? The truth is out there.

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