domenica 19 ottobre 2014

Nasa telescope spots galaxy 13 billion lightyears away

Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope has spotted an object estimated to be over 13 billion light-years away, supposed to be one of the furthest ever






If you peered through a giant cosmic magnifying glass you'd be able to see a tiny faint galaxy - one of the furthest galaxies ever seen.
Spotted by Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope, the object is estimated to be more than 13 billion lightyears away.
The galaxy measures 850 lightyears across 500 times smaller than Milky Way and mass of 40 million suns the Milky Way has a stellar mass of a few hundred billion suns.
The galaxy is said to offer a peek back to the very early formative years of the universe, and may just be the tip of the iceberg.




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