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This day in UFO history: Hickson and Parker 1973 Pascagoula, Mississippi Incident

Pascaguola UFO

An out of this world experience of 19-year-old Calvin Parker and 42-year old Charles Hickson practically started one day before their popular encounter. Two policemen and other 13 different people reported witnessing a big, silvery unidentified flying object on October 10, 1973 flying slowly above a housing project in New Orleans, Louisiana, specifically over St. Tammany Parish.
Two men from Gautier, Mississippi were fishing in Pascagoula River around 9 P.M. when they heard a buzzing sound from their back.
The two men were amazed to witness the activity of glowing object with egg-shape and bluish lighting on the front side.
Pascaguola Alien 
They saw a strange craft hovered few feet above the ground and around 30 feet from the river shore. The activity got intense when the door opened and three out of this world beings started to float above the water going straight to them. The beings had legs, but they did not use them because they were afloat above the water and moving across the river towards them.

Parker and Hickson described the mysterious aliens as short, around 5 feet tall with bullet-shaped heads without slits for mounts, without necks and had thin, conical objects sticking out in their noses and ears. Their skin colors were grey, had round feet, claw-like hands and wrinkled skins.
Hickson was grabbed by two of the mysterious beings and another one took Parker who fainted. Hickson later felt numbness all over him when he felt the beings put their arms under his body to support him. He observed that he was floated inside the UFO and then in a brightly-lit room, where he was floated with an eye-like device which somewhat did an examination all over him.
After his examination, Hickson was left by the beings floating, probably going to examine Parker. After around 20 minutes, Hickson was floated back outside of the mysterious craft. Parker was on the ground crying and praying. After just a few minutes, the craft ascended straight up and disappeared into thin air.
As the two men got back to their normal state, they called Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi to report what they had experienced, despite fearing to be ridiculed. Kessler referred their report to the local sheriff’s office.
Afraid of the reaction coming from law enforcement, the two men decided to drive towards their local newspaper, but the office was closed, so they opted to take their strange experience to the sheriff. As expected the sheriff felt the story was a hoax so he put Hickson and Parker into a room with wired sound, hoping that the two would slip about their planned hoax.
Soon the story by the two men made to the local press and followed quickly by the wired thing. After few more days, the Pascagoula incident became a major news all over the U.S. The two abductees were invited to take a lie-detector test, which they both passed.

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