sabato 17 maggio 2014

George Knapp Interviews Bob Lazar 25 Years After His 1st Historic interview - KLAS

Government May Officially Acknowledge Reverse-Engineering Alien Technology Facility Soon

Bob Lazar revealed to the world what was the top government secret when he was interviewed by George Knapp 25 years ago. During the interview, Lazar introduced Area 51, which has been considered as the top secret military installation. Knapp again convinced Lazar to visit Las Vegas to once again discuss about Area 51. Lazar also found time to visit at the National Atomic Testing Museum where Area 51 exhibit was held.

Lazar made a claim in 1989 that he was working on reverse-engineering alien technology in a facility called as S-4, which was built just south of Area 51 main site, specifically located in a mountainside. He said that he was advised not to continue working in the area after it was discovered that he leaked information on the place of test flights of the advanced space alien technology to his friends. Critics have expressed doubts to his claims, citing the absence of supporting evidence, such as employment and education records. However, Lazar has insisted that his records were removed by the government.

Area 51 has been recently declassified by the CIA. But Lazar was not impressed by the news when he was asked for his opinion about the declassification of the military facility. He referred the development as a “minuscule baby step forward.” He said that S-4 will be soon acknowledge, perhaps a decade from now.

Lazar’s story is the same twenty-five years ago and he said that he does not care whether people believe his story or not. He reiterated that he is not trying to convince anyone to believe him and he has tried to leave the UFO thing in his past.

In the recent interview by Knapp, Lazar explained he has not provided lectures or produced tapes about UFOs. He stressed that those are not his business. He revealed that he is running a scientific business and being a UFO guy does not make any good in this industry. Lazar believes that it is in his advantage if people not believing his story.


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