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UFO and Extraterrestrial Projects Have Been Classified Even To the U.S. President Since Kennedy Administration

The MJ Majestic Twelve files disclose the most controversial information and the most guarded secret; extraterrestrial beings and their technologies, according to Wikileaks Stratfor UFO files
To keep the documents secret and to make any information to be the advantage of the U.S., President Harry S. Truman signed a document stating that no one was authorize to disclose the finding about extraterrestrials and their technologies including a chief executive without “need to know” clearance.

AliensThe directive was implemented secretly without knowledge or consent of the Congress and it was secretly included in the National Security Act of 1947 by prohibiting on disclosing secret or classified subjects without presidential, Department of Defense and CIA approvals. Knowledge about the subject is only limited to a chosen few from intelligence and scientific community, and nobody should make official acknowledgement of unresolved finding.

Project BLUE BOOK was the only official study program led by the CIA in 1953 as a tool to debunk the reality on the existence of extra-terrestrials and to prevent attempts by GRU and KGB to glean any defense and technological secrets.

MJ Majestic twelve or MJ-12 was a joint project by government, military and private sector. The project was tasked to monitor closely every aspect of national security and the CIA being the premier intelligence agency. MJ Majestic Twelve was more important than the hydrogen bomb program of the early 1950’s.

It was during U.S. President John F. Kennedy administration when the chief executive started to needle the CIA for information on UFOs. As a response the CIA used the 1947 Truman directive to prohibit the DCI from making disclosures to chief executive officer who did not have a “need to know” clearance to ensure that the CIA and costly UFO program would not be compromised. 

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