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Was there a double UFO landing at New Berlin, NY? Was that particular incident a mission or something else?

One cool autumn night in 1964, a woman steps out on her porch. When she looks up, an amazing activity in the sky meets her view. She initially thinks about a shooting star falling into a hillside opposite to her, around 2/3 of a mile away. As she continues to watch what appears to be a falling shooting star, another falling light comes to her view. The light descends in a vertical manner, but it does not reach the ground as it stops descending. It then starting to move in a horizontal manner above and along a creed bed that runs parallel to her road.
UFO Depiction

Intense bright is all over the place as it comes closer with a low humming noise. The woman calls her mother-in-law to come outside as she steps into her driveway to have a better and closer look. Two cars pass by the road right at that moment and one of the two cars pulls off the road, apparently looking at the strange object. The unidentified flying object then begins to come close to the car, but the car speeds away.

As the woman runs back to her house, her mother-in-law takes a look at the mysterious UFO just outside the porch and runs back inside after. The mother-in-law pleads the woman to return to the house and never mind the UFO. But the woman ignores the request and continues to watch the UFO as another car approaches.

The car speeds up rapidly upon noticing that the UFO. The strange flying object then moves away in a northerly direction and stops in a field across the road, around 3800 feet away.

The woman then follows her mother-in-law inside the house. They use a pair of high powered binoculars and focus on the site where the strange flying object has landed. They both see a round structure positioning what looks to be landing struts. Underneath of the structure is illuminated with bright light and within the light they see 5 or 6 figures bringing boxes that appear to have filled with unusual devices.

The mysterious men extract a big contraption out of the UFO using the strange hand-held tools. Then at the northeast, they see another descending light that lands behind the first UFO. Then more strange beings getting out of the second UFO and seem to hurry assisting the other humanoid figures working on the first mysterious object.

The story seems taken from science fiction movies or novels but the above account of a twin UFO landing is true. It happened on the night of November 25, 1964 in a hamlet of New Berlin, NY. The nearest large city of this small community of people is Oneonta, 25 miles away. The witnesses were Mrs. Kathy Hatzenbuhler and her mother-in-law.

At around 4:55 AM, the entire event ended when the second UFO went straight up and abruptly disappeared then the other UFO rose straight up a minute later and shot off in the same direction as the first one.


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