sabato 11 ottobre 2014

NASA BOSS ANNOUNCES LIFE ON MARS? ITV News Interview, Wink Reveals All? ArtAlienTV - MARS ZOO 1080p

Has the NASA boss announced life on Mars in this ITV news interview?
Major General Charles Bolden Jnr - head of NASA certainly hints on it in a very big way with a big nod and wink in this news article about both past and maybe present life.
Boldens Mars Quote -
"The most likely planet in our solar system that had life at one time, (wink) may have life now.....and we feel definitely can sustain life .. .. so that's the reason we chose it".

Also the quote about us Brits;
"taking things from the unknown and making them known" seemed like a hats off to us Mars researchers over in the UK.
My Father in law would also like the bit about us in the UK having a big part in early aeronauatics as somebody who formallly worked for NASA on the Apollo 11 mission as a thermodynamics engineer. Nice touch :)

Rewind and play a few times and listen very carefully.
Is this disclosure? Almost! It's very close to it I think.

If we ever get any disclosure this is exactly how it is likely to come - in subtle sentences right at the start of an interview before your even tuned in properly.

First published on YouTube by ArtAlienTV - October 9th 2014.
Taken from ITV news at 10 - October 8th 2014

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