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They ARE out there: Britons report seeing aliens with 'cream-coloured bellies' to MoD

THE SKIES of Britain are being plagued by green aliens with 'cream-coloured bellies', according to calls made to the Ministry of Defence.


A Wigan resident claimed to have seen spaceships carrying the creatures on 17 different occasions.
The caller was one of 22 people to have reported alien sightings in the region over the last decade.
One panicked resident claimed to have seen a "dome-shaped orange ball of light" take off from a field in Leigh in February 2009.
The caller described the transparent object as "organic like a jellyfish", adding: "You could see its internal workings. It departed swaying left to right and made a droning noise."
Another person reported a UFO "that appeared several times during the night" in Bolton in November 2009 - although the call was made on Bonfire night as fireworks filled the sky.
Two mystery sightings were also reported in Stockport on December 18, 2001.
First a grey triangle was reported emerging from two grey plumes of smoke over Stockport railway station, before a red light was reported "moving fast, high up in the sky".
The witness claimed that the light "slowed down, got fast again, then wobbled from side to side".
Another sighting was reported in Ashton-under-Lyne in September 2009, when a caller claimed to have seen eight orange UFOs, which "shone brightly, travelling at speed, low in the sky".
They then reportedly changed direction at a 90 degree angle towards West Yorkshire.
And it seems that our intergalactic friends have had a soft spot for Greater Manchester since the 1970s, when a documentary was made about a couple who spotted a UFO on Urmston meadows, as did police who were called to the scene.
Last year the government released details of a call from pilot Roger Willis to Manchester air traffic control in 1995, when he said his passenger plane was overtaken at high speed by a wedge-shaped craft with bright lights.
Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder even claims to have had twice spotted UFOs while growing up in Salford, experiences which inspired his book What Planet Am I On? last year.
Around 2,000 sightings nationally have been reported to the Ministry of Defence between 2000 and 2009.


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