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UFO Sighting: UFO Spotted Outside Meeting Of UFO Research Group In Australia

 Video Source: YouTube/Peter M Slattery

On October 5, a UFO orb was noticed in Westall in Melbourne, Australia. It was seen during a meeting of a UFO research group that was held outside. According to Scott Waring, who posted a message on UFO Sightings Daily, attempts were being made by the people at the meeting to mentally call a UFO orb. They claimed that the UFO seen during their meeting is a sign that the mental call worked.
Waring explained that the cloud orbs were linked to the public with the use of telepathy technology. He said that the video that was uploaded with the post was a real one and showed the public that even through one's thoughts UFO orbs can be called.
According to Only Melbourne, in a week, an average of one UFO sighting was reported. It reported that most of the sightings were just lights during the nighttime accompanied by pictures or videos occasionally. It hoped to find a UFO during the daytime and capture a video for it for the purpose of evidence.
On September 12, a man named Adam from Coburg sent in a report to Only Melbourne that he had seen either a large satellite or a UFO at around 2:45 p.m. He explained that the object was seen in the sky for a minimum of fifteen minutes before it was covered by a cloud. He said that the object seemed high up in the sky and described its shape as a large smooth metallic object with an irregular shape. It was also added that the object possessed an effect that it made it glow brighter and at regular intervals, it dimmed as it rotated.
He initially assumed that the object was stationary and said that it looked like a bright star, but it turned out to be brighter than a star and a planet. He thought that it could have been a flying satellite, but he wasn't sure. He explained that it was too big to be a weather balloon, and it looked something like a commercial airline but without flashing lights or the regular shape.
He said that a few of his colleagues from work had looked at it too. He said that he was able to pick up a few blinks of the white light from the UFO on his phone camera.

By  Afza Fathima


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