giovedì 9 ottobre 2014

UFO sightings across North Wales revealed

Bright lights in the sky across Llandudno, an explosion in Rhuddlan and a large black object over Rhyl were among the sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence


A report of “bright lights dancing in the sky, on the way to Llandudno” was among 31 UFO sightings in North Wales in the last decade.
One person euphemistically said they had spotted “an unusual sighting” in Wrexham in October 2008 and left it at that.
Someone else said they saw a “large black object over Rhyl” in February 2004.
A police officer in Rhuddlan said they saw “a big explosion with an intense white light” in September 2000.
Someone in Tywyn in April 2009 said they saw “a big bright orange light” that proceeded to “turn white and then disappeared very quickly” without making a sound.
In August this year members of the Aetherius Society climbed more than 3,000 feet up Carnedd Llewelyn, Snowdonia, to access the spiritual energy said to have been charged in the mountain by a cosmic being from another planet.


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