domenica 11 maggio 2014

Turkish Air Force Chasing Against an UFO !!!

As you know, all over the world as well as in our country, UFO sightings made, extraterrestrial intelligent life on civilian and official those important testimony experienced and occasionally these observations amateurs with cameras by our citizens photographed or filmed taking are documented. In fact, every country military and civilian authorities secret UFO investigations and research relating to the execution, despite all the official reports and findings in a manner similar to the veil of secrecy is wrapped. This time, for the first time in Turkey, a close encounter with military and official UFO incident, was photographed by one of our citizens and documented. Event; April 22, 2014 Tuesday 13:30 waters of Seferihisar Doğanbey in realized .. That day, Seferihisar Doğanbey in the treasures of the land identified and photographed the Izmir Finance National Real Estate section officer Text Mehmet Kaya, gentlemen, beer in the emerging and fast and sudden maneuvers that the F-5 fighter aircraft and a military helicopter ufo'yl the same frame of 7-8 individual photos to view has succeeded ... In addition this very important event taken during these extraordinary photographs, metallic object a UFO F-5 fighter aircraft and military helicopters chased in a clear format that is seen .. In the period ahead of UFO sightings all over the world and in Turkey will continue to rise in a serious way, and now the whole world of military and civilian officials in this regard would have to disclose the hidden facts foresee .. We believe that UFO disclosure of the truth to the world, unprecedented in world history, will form the starting point of a new era. This description also all of humanity together with a new spirit of peace and brotherhood, bringing the wisdom of mankind and the transfer of communication between the planets move will start a new process. From the Turkish Armed Forces to take on this very critical mission for humanity and lurking on this topic are waiting for official reports submitted to the public .. We hereby strongly to the public ... Regards -

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