domenica 1 marzo 2015

Bob Lazar's incredible UFO story is true

We, Team Tumbleweed, have waited with the presentation of this video to be released after the UFO conference where George Knapp and Bob Lazar told about the mysteries of Area 51.

In this video we will show you the UFO Bob Lazar filmed in full detail. Latest image enhancement techniques have been used to make the UFO completely visible. To those who criticized Bob Lazar, Gene Huff, John Lear and George Knapp, we can only say this: Wake up! You have been wrong with your criticism and discrediting these 4 people. It is time to admit it! This video is just the start of a whole series.Team Tumbleweed will regularly release video of different type of UFO soon, so stay tuned!

Some of you may say or think that the enhancements in this video are computer generated imagery. To show you that this is not the case we uploaded a video to show - and explain you the special technology used (BAS and PTM) to achieve this result.

More details about this UFO can be found here:

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Enjoy the show!

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