giovedì 5 marzo 2015

Great Barrington Museum Will Make History With Historical UFO Case Exhibit

A UFO case collection will make a U.S. debut at the historical society in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The case originates from a 1969 encounter

UFO museum
 Materials related to the encounter are currently displayed at the Great Barrington Historical Society and Museum. These include testimony, articles, lie detector test results, and even the controversial drawing by then Great Barrington resident Thomas Reed.
Reed says that in 1969, when he was a child, he saw something different. Reed was not the only one who saw that unusual thing because other people also came forward and made the same claim. Documented reports, such as the paper trail, have been compiled.
Reed says that they only saw massive amount of lights in the woods, and they have no idea what they were seeing.
Reed narrates that he was in the car with his family near the old Sheffield Bridge one evening when they heard a loud eruption of crickets, which was the last thing they remembered in the car.
He says that they can’t tell where they were. He doesn’t know, but they were no longer in the car. He saw a large hangar, if it was a football field, he was on the five-yard line. He saw lights and doors opened then he saw somebody.
Director of the Great Barrington Historical Society, Deborah Opperman, has been collecting the records. She says that the incident was tangible, regarded by many other people, ran in a radio station, and mentioned by the United Nations.
Reed says it has been difficult for him talking about the incident because of fear of tarnishing his father’s political reputation. But Reed believes it’s interesting and credible addition to the historical society.
Organizers are planning to open the exhibit this fall.

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