mercoledì 18 marzo 2015

UFO 2015 Sightings Enough to Prove Alien Existence

A world beyond Earth might actually exist. Lifeforms which are more intellectual than ours may have been visiting the Earth centuries. The never ending search for concrete evidences of the truth behind Alien and UFO sightings remains to be a mystery, but a very in depth and interesting phenomena we all have secretly dream of unraveling

Several UFO sightings have been reported this 2015 and the signs and evidence are becoming quite very clear. There is something living beyond Earth's atmosphere.
An unidentified flying object was seen and filmed above the clouds of Ferndale California USA after a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in the area. The video showed a round circular object that goes along the color white and silver. Alien sightings have always been connected with changes in climate or natural occurring disasters on Earth. The possibility of an earthquake and an alien sighting minutes apart are indeed very suspicious and something to really ponder about.
Recently, another UFO sighting has been recorded recently, March 10, 2015 in the skies of Mexico City. A volcano being closely monitored for volcanic activities, the Popocateptl, rumored to be a UFO base reached news headlines after a flying object was seen emerging allegedly from the top of the volcano. The area is well-known for odd occurrences and the sighting is just another proof of a hidden secret in the area. Another sighting from the same volcano was caught on video last January 2015. The object was dark and looks like a space craft with two tails. The flying object was named "Dark Horse."
Odd cloud formations are also commonly identified to UFO sightings. In the United Kingdom, A motorist and amateur photographer Glenn Spencer caught irregularly shaped clouds in the sky of Chester in Cheshire. The occurrence was immediately identified to be an "intergalactic one" as the clouds really looked like UFO space ships.
Gathering of evidences, intentionally or accidentally to identify the occurrence of Aliens and UFO's will never stop. Unless a sensational sighting, in broad day light and with a hundred witnesses finally confirms the existence of these terrestrial beings.


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