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High Ranking Officials From Former Yugoslavia Countries May Finally Share Their Knowledge About UFOs

Have you imagined how it feels like to go over state secrets from a nation that no longer exists?

 You are likely to experience no repercussions, zero blowback, no fear, and zero security oaths to fudge. This is what Giuliano Marinkovich has been doing for nearly 20 years, not only in his native Croatia’s capitol but also in six other independent states that once comprised Yugoslavia. Apparently, he is now into something that would give him leads. Some of them involve former Yugoslavian President Josip Tito, a UFO above Belgrade, dead pilots, and crashed MiGs.

If Marinkovich publishes his research in the West, he will likely to invite more eyes on him with that teaser. Currently, he is releasing it

Giuliano Marinkovich
Giuliano Marinkovic
out in the Balkans. Just last month Marinkovich took onto Croatian State Radio 2 for the Pan Adria Incident, which features testimonies from a retired civilian pilot, former air traffic control chief, and ex-flight engineer. He will follow it up in the television with Yugoslav Air Force vs. UFOs, scheduled to air in September.

Marinkovich was a shift commander for signals intelligence division of Croatian army during the country’s war for independence in 1991-1995. One of his duties was to monitor communications among the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), which is the international peacekeepers implementing a neutral zone between warring powers that is created in order to diminish the danger of conflict. UNPROFOR has UFO reports and his unit tracked the activity over zones-of-separation airspace. His unit collected the reports and delivered them to headquarters as part of their daily reports. However, nobody did any follow ups, according to Marinkovich. His curiosity led him to an incident on August 16, 1977 involving a Pan Adria airliner. On evening of that day, Fokker-227 crew reported an intensive red light that paced them shortly before approaching to Belgrade. The radar indicated that the UFO parked above the airport and remained there for so long. The chief controller was called for an emergency duty. Later that day, President Tito was scheduled to leave the airport for Moscow.

The Fokker pilot continued to Titograd and when the plane got airborne, the mysterious object followed. Another Fokker was instructed by the traffic controller to approach the UFO. The unknown flying object immediately accelerated toward the second Fokker, which made a maneuver to prevent a collision. The object stopped then flew back to Belgrade. According to Marinkovich, a military base nearby joined the fray and sent MiGs with orders to open fire.

Marinkovich writes that they have confirmation from several witnesses about the fate of the MiGs. Marinkovich reveals that the MiGs had crashed and the pilots had died. He adds that many witnesses are hesitant to come out about their UFO knowledge because it could ruin their credibility. He also notes that people find it easier to share their knowledge after many years. Marinkonvic further says that they are safe to come out today as the nation where they previously served doesn’t exist anymore.


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