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UFO Sightings: Witnesses Report Strange, Bright Disc-Like Object Spotted Over Dee Why Beach and Central Coast

Witnesses reported about their UFO sighting experience that happened on Wednesday, June 4. One witness recounted seeing the bright, disc-like object over Dee Why beach on early Wednesday morning while the other claimed spotting the bright light at the same day and time on the Central Coast

According to the Telegraph report, the witnesses at Dee Why beach were wondering what the bright object was in the sky while a woman, who is over 80 km from Dee Why, claims she also spotted the same bright object that day at approximately 6:30 am.

Trudy Bright, a Kulnura photographer, shared about seeing the bright light "right up and down the coast and out of the whole sky." The witness further added that she was able to capture a couple of pictures before the unidentified flying object took off. Click HERE to see photos.
Bright recounted that the strange object initially stayed in one spot before taking off comparable to a plane. "It shot up and then away. It was unnatural," the witness stated. Bright revealed that she never heard of the Dee Why UFO sighting report until she read about witness Don Jeffery's sighting experience on the Facebook page of Manly Daily.
Witness Don Jeffery shared that he was one of the witnesses that spotted the strange, bright object over Dee Why beach. The witness was having his 20 km walk at the beach around 6:35 am on Wednesday when he spotted 20 or 30 people looking at the sky.
Jeffery revealed that some of the witnesses thought they possibly saw a UFO while others suggested that the object was a plane about to land. "But it stayed in the same spot for 10 minutes and it looked like it had a tail," Jeffery recounted the UFO sighting experience.
The Dee Why witness captured three photos of the bright object in the sky and then enlarged the images on his computer to have a closer look at it. Jeffery described the strange light to be brighter than the sun and the shape to be disc-like. Click HERE to see photos.
Jeffery admitted that he has never seen anything like that before. "I like to keep an open mind and with all of those galaxies out there I think there must be other life," the witness added. UFO Research (NSW) President Mariana Flynn revealed that there were no UFO sightings reported on Wednesday.
However, Flynn confirmed that Collaroy was a "hotspot." Back in 2011, an unnamed Dee Why male witness was reported to spotting two UFOs soaring over the northern beaches at the crack of dawn.
"Unfortunately there is no proof of this, but I have conclusively seen three UFO sightings. I absolutely believe there are UFOs, but all of the (US military) research is so covert and classified," Flynn stated. Meanwhile, witness Sam Stevenson gave an explanation to the light spotted when he contacted the Daily via Facebook.
Stevenson revealed that he surfs every morning from 6:00-7:45 am at north Steyne and there is a white dot that appears when the Sun is about to rise. "I always wonder what it is and it passes over here's when I realise it's a plane at high altitude with jet stream coming out the back," Stevenson explained.

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