sabato 7 giugno 2014

UFO Sightings "Ufos: God's Chariots?" Former MUFON State Director Speaks!

Thirdphaseofmoon's very own Dr. J. Andy Ilias had an exclusive interview with Professor Ted Peters who also happens to be a pastor, theologists, and former MUFON state director for Louisiana. Coming off his latest book, "Ufos: God's Chariots?" Ted talked about one of the most important topics in ufology: how will society, specifically religion, be affected when we have open contact? And through his extensive background as a theologian, by actually conducting a survey, he was able to show that not only will religions not change with open contact, but the only group of people who showed any resistance were the atheists. This is just a small tidbit of what was said. Everything from ancient aliens to ETs creating us to abductions was spoken about. Truly remarkable interview and much more live during the thirdphaseofmoon guest show every Thursday 8pm ET at Studio A; call in at 818-923-1713 to ask the guests questions. You can also get updates from Dr J's twitter @drjandyilias. And on Fridays at 12am midnight ET, tell your own ufo story to Blake Cousins on the thirdphaseofmoon live show call in at 347-934-0378. And from now until July 31, we are doing an exclusive ticket giveaway for the premier ufo event, contact in the desert. Each week, 1 speaker from the event will be featured on the thirdphaseofmoon guest show Thursdays 8pm ET and a ticket winner announced at the end of the show, with the first ticket being given away this coming Thursday 6/5/14 when Dr. David Jacobs joins us live on thirdphaseofmoon radio. Enter at and simply listen for your name to be called during the show! Over $4,000 in prizes given away for free! And don't forget to keep your eyes in the sky because disclosure is in the hands of YOU, the viewer.

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