sabato 14 giugno 2014

The Hidden Hand; Alien Abduction and the Government Cover-up Official Trailer

The Hidden Hand is an award winning film that talks about many controversial matters such as alien abduction, the probability of human and alien hybrids, the reverse engineering of alien technology, and the big cover-up that the government is presently doing to seize the truth about UFOs and ETs from coming out which is something that the government has done very well for more than 60 years since the first ever known UFO sighting in the planet.

Alien abduction is one of the contentious documentaries that the film talks about. This issue is so delicate that it is the last occasion that anyone would wish to be in as it is the worst thing that can ever happen in an encounter with the unknown.

Medicine as a science requires so many laboratory experiments with animals like pigs and chimps to do medicine test is a very difficult thing to understand. But what if the human explorers will now be the one to be studied upon inside the laboratory? Will that be difficult to understand too?

Humans are the most intelligent life that mostly dominates all the species here on earth but the visitation of a more intelligent alien species from another planet to experiment on our genetics similar to the way we experiment on other species is a very eerie topic.

The Hidden Hand aspires to make the public become aware of what is happening to abducted individuals. How the incident impacted their lives and how they have survived their journey with the unknown entities.

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