mercoledì 4 giugno 2014

NASA pulls e-book that hinted at aliens' presence on Earth in past

NASA's E-book titled Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication, which was issued earlier this week, has details about the efforts in the search for extraterrestrial existence or what we call aliens


From then it has been taken down without clarification. But many assert it contained an actual eye-opener.

The 330 page book has been edited by the director of Interstellar Message Composition at SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), Dr. Douglas Vakoch. The book reportedly made the surprising suggestion that uncommon prehistoric patterns cut into rocks "might have been made by extraterrestrials".

His organization is entrusted with investigating ways that alien civilizations may use to make messages, which could be communicated across interstellar space, permitting communication between human beings and extraterrestrials even without face-to-face interaction.

In the book's introduction, Dr. Douglas Vakoch said that scientists must try to "recognize manifestations of extraterrestrial intelligence, even when they resemble a naturally occurring phenomenon".

Computer scientist William Edmondson, who also contributed to the book, wrote: "It is helpful to review some parallels from human existence that pose problems for us today. One of these is 'rock art,' which consists of patterns or shapes cut into rock many thousands of years ago."

Adding further,"We can say little, if anything, about what these patterns signify, why they were cut into rocks, or who created them. For all intents and purposes, they might have been made by aliens. Unless we find a readable exegesis of them produced at the time they were made, we will never be able to say with certainty what the patterns mean."

People working on it advocate use of rock art as an analogy for understanding the challenge of connecting over vast distances of time and space.


 Comment by Oliviero Mannucci: The time is ripe! 

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