domenica 6 luglio 2014

Incredible VIDEO Two Major UFO Sightings 4th Of July 2014! Special Report! Part 1

NEW! UFO Sightings Two Major UFO 4th Of July Sightings 2014! Part 1. Stay tuned and Subscribe to Thirdphaseofmoon For More Incredible Video Captured on the 4th Of July 2014!

Andrew Pipari Edgewater MD original Link

Quote From Alejandro Ramirez "Same UFOs return in Chicago by Grand & Laramie Ave Chicago, IL. Exact same UFOs as on September of last year. These UFOs don't make any noise and don't blink like airplanes. Not to mentioned the follow each other slowly and sometimes makes patters. This is raw and unedited video shot from my Samsung Galaxy S4" Original Link! 1080p

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