venerdì 11 luglio 2014

UFO Sightings Roswell Crash 1947 New Update! Anniversary 2014

Thirdphaseofmoon's very own Dr. J spoke to Don Schmitt live on Thirdphaseofmoon guest show about his specialty, Roswell. In 1947 on this very day,a flying saucer crashed and was recovered along with the ET crew and his since been hidden by the government. Hear this and so much more on Thirdphaseofmoon radio Thurdsdays 8-10pm ET at studio A Call in number 818 923 1713. Also, we still have 3 tickets remaining giving one a week until July 31 to get into contact in the desert! Go to
­oon and enter your name and email and listen for your name on the show and watch for an email!

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