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More than 2 million animals dead mysteriously just in July 2012

Since 2010, beaches worldwide are littered with dead sea life. Birds and fish are dying in masses which were never recorded before. These events occur worldwide in ponds, rivers and oceans.

Many of these events are still a mystery for scientists. They can not make any explanations other than some conjectures.

The question is; how come scientists and local authorities keep saying it's natural?



Dead fish and birds falling from the sky are being reported worldwide, suddenly. This is not a local affair, obviously. Dead birds have been reported in Sweden and N America, and dead fish in N America, Brazil, and New Zealand. Methane is known to cause bird dead, and as methane rises when released during Earth shifting, will float upward through the flocks of birds above. But can this be the cause of dead fish? If birds are more sensitive than humans to methane release, fish are likewise sensitive to changes in the water, as anyone with an aquarium will attest. Those schools of fish caught in rising methane bubbles during sifting of rock layers beneath them will inevitably be affected. Fish cannot, for instance, hold their breath until the emergency passes! Nor do birds have such a mechanism.

And why would Sweden have clouds of methane being released when it is not even on a fault line? Nor is Brazil on a fault line, though New Zealand and the New Madrid region in Arkansas are. We have often stated that the plates have had the rock fingers preventing movement along their edges broken off, so they have become slippery. In this state, they are now pressed against each other under the stress of a more violent and rattling wobble. The stress is evident on all plates, which are shifting around, internally, under the strain. Thus methane, so poisonous to birds and fish, is being released.



Following list is just for July 2012.



------------------------ ----------------- ---------------------------------------- --------------- ----------------

Penguins ~500 Sao Paulo, Brazil July Source

Fish ~100000 Nakhon Ratch.,Thailand July Source

Fish ~1000 Florida July Source

Crabs ~1000000 Oahu Beaches, Hawaii July Source

Fish ~1000000 Sri Lanka July Source

Fish ~1000 Andhra Pradesh, India July Source

Fish ~50 Prince Edward Island July Source

Fish --- James River, Usa July Source

Fish 10000 Phoenix, Carolina July Source

Green Turtles 100 Queensland, Australia July Source

Swan 30 Welsh, Cardiff July 7th Source

Fish ~10000 Salt Lake, AZ July 6th Source

Fish ~1000 Roosewelt, AZ July 6th Source

Fish ~10000 Hecla, S.Dakota July 6th Source

Fish ~10000 Dexter City, Missouri July 6th Source

Fish 10000 S.Knoxwille, Tennessee July 6th Source

Fish ~1000 Silver Lake, DE July 4th Source

Fish ~2300 Lake Jackson,GA,USA July 4th Source

Fish ~1000 Havana, IL July 2th Source

Fish ~100 Grant County, Oklahoma July Source





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