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The Body Analysis of Sverdlovsk Alien

The alien remains and spacecraft-like object found in Sverdlovsk Russia is one of the best evidence that indicates that aliens have been visiting Earth for a very long time now and Russia does not deny it.
Flying lightning balls were reported loitering above the skies of Siberia on the 27th of November 1968, and that one them have crashed near a region in Sverdlovsk. After the confirmation of the crash, the central intelligence agency of Russia, the KGB, formed operation “Sverdlovsk Midget” or “Operation Small Alien” to hold and secure the crash site.
Air Defense Forces Commander Lieutenant General A.G. Ponomarenko assisted the initial investigation and shipment of the alien body, and the wreckage debris.

Sverdlovsk alien 

The unidentified disc-shaped object found in the wreckage measured three meters thick and five meters wide. Inside the object was a dead small humanoid creature, an alleged primate that the UFO hit when it crashed. Meanwhile, the autopsy report revealed a different thing as there were findings that the humanoid body resembled no characteristics similar to any primates of Russia and the entire planet.
The only part found of the alien was its torso and one of its arms. The wreckage was already hanging for two days before the authorities have arrived. In theory, scavengers like wolves had gotten to the wreckage first and ate the missing body parts. Reconstruction of the creature in a CGI model (computer generated imagery) showed that its physical attributes were similar to a typical Grey alien – the most famous alien race known for visiting the earth.
A death certificate for the extraterrestrial body issued on the 24th of March 1969 signed by Doctor Gordeenko, Kamyshoy and Savitsky is one of pieces of evidence that supplements the authenticity of the Sverdlovsk alien.
Substantial information all over the internet about the Sverdlovsk UFO incident is easily accessible for research, and Russia will never hide the truth about it from anyone.

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