venerdì 4 luglio 2014

WOW!! UFO Sightings Major Airliner Stalked By Extremely Bright UFO! 2014

WOW!! UFO Sightings Major Airliner Stalked By Extremely Close UFO! 2014 Eye Witness Account: "I was sky watching yesterday with binoculars & focused on a plane to calibrate the zoom. I saw a very clear orb as the plane passed that I followed until it was gone. I thought I'd never have seen that with the video recorder to follow it, it was too far, too quick & too faint. But since I saw this, I thought they ARE up there, maybe I should go hike up the hill & sky watch with the recorder. So I did. I had trouble trying to figure out how to get close ups better in the daytime, but I can hardly see the screen on the recorder. SO, I brought something to cover my head with the screen to make a hood & tested out getting some planes, hoping to get a UFO on video. I didn't see anything very exciting with the recorder, but did see a different translucent larger UFO with the binoculars before it disappeared through the clouds. So I got home, dropped the plane vids in an editor & zoomed in close & there was an object in front of the plane going towards John Wayne Airport. Also I just heard on the radio, they diverted flights yesterday due to some story, I wonder if they made the pilots lie? Anywho, I zoomed in frame by frame & what do you know, the frames all show this object hovering over the view of the pilots then one frame in particular shows the object SUPER BRIGHT it's quite amazing & I wonder if this is what happened with the Malaysia fight before it disappeared? All the other frames DO show this object, although it's a bit shaky, when you slow it down, you can really see something there. It's really amazing. My jaw dropped when I got to the flash & the object looked like it expanded really large as well as the incredible brightness. After seeing this there were not many more planes, so I wonder if this had an effect on the flights that were scheduled to pass over or the paths, I saw few within' visual range after this, it got quiet, there's NO WAY the pilots didn't see this thing, it was right in front of them. Being the Malaysia story is so huge, I thought this was pretty shocking. Plus you can see the tree and plane, I have heard it's important when recording because of so many fake videos out there. I still have the footage inside the video camera."

Here's the vid

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